Water Splitting by Magnetism | The current invention is a “Magnetolysis” device that is configured for splitting water by use of magnetism. in the splitting of the bipolar water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Bedini’s magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction Magnetolysis Water Fuel This forum is for discussion on any water fuel topic dealing with. MAGNETOLYSIS OF WATER In magnetolysis, magnetic induction is used a potential difference of 2V was created that resulted in hydrogen generation via.

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I hope I have well explained the phenomena, visible in the video, and I would like to receive comments and remarks by other hysrogen. There are many videos from different people claiming the same thing, that is mostly what I have a problem with. At Pittsburgh only one physicist outspokenly opposed Ehrenhaft.

I am not even trying to debate with you. I search the net but i magneotlysis find any diagram what so ever. The following are samples of many papers and efforts by researchers both scientific and passionate enthusiast. When the gases obtained hydrogej a permanent magnet are separated, the larger proportion of oxygen is found above the north pole of the magnet. One area would be the ability to possibly tap into and amplify the magnetic field of the earth to power cars, homes. Originally Posted by Aaron.


They are of hydrogen gas, liberated by the same chemical action as in the first experiment. Those videos are awfully convincing, are you sure they are fake? Water electrolysis is one of the most common ways magnftolysis produce hydrogen gas.

Magnetolysis – Energetic Forum

Ehrenhaft employs the simplest of apparatus. Likewise, the most effective insulators for magnetic current might be substances totally unlike those used for electrical insulators. An open, more hydrogenn network structure slows reactions due to its increased viscosity, reduced diffusivities and the less active participation of water molecules. Furthermore, ferromagnetism electrodes are more affected by magnetism, and multiply the Lorentz effect. A “gold rush” for practical applications might be expected.

All times are GMT. This was proved by measuring the cell voltage, the IR-drop, and the electrode potentials for the electrolysis which was galvanostatically operated in alkaline 4. Radical methods of seeing things in the dark, and through microscopes and telescopes?

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ?

Now the staggering implications amgnetolysis Dr. Might get a nice bonus from the oil company to forget about your work and move to Hawaii. Or someone else would have. I came across this information recently where a scientist over 80 years ago claimed electrolysis of water being powered by magnetic forces only.


Ehrenhaft recently told the American Physical Society. Different take on Dingel: From a projector, a powerful beam of light converges upon the narrow gap between the pole pieces, and a low-power microscope, mounted horizontally, reveals what happens there. Ehrenhaft cautiously declines to hazard a guess. Ehrenhaft commands scientific respect: Mr felix uses U shape magnets. When an electric current passes through acidified water between iron poles, the current decomposes the water and oxygen is formed at the positive pole.

The promotion of current density is not significant for graphite electrodes diamagnetism material. Recommend setting it on loop before viewing But after shaking the reactor several times, it start to producing lots of gas.

Can electrolysis be powered by magnets? – Revolution-Green

Ehrenhaft’s observations begin to unfold. Other studies show an increase in cluster size in liquid water is caused by a magnetic field.

Armagnac Popular Science June In contrast, the friction magnetilysis of water in thin films has been shown to reduce in a magnetic field 0. Now the staggering implications of Dr. Ehrenhaft has tried it.