geometrijski-oblici · sredjivanje pomalo, 2 years ago. animirana- geometrija · sredjivanje pomalo, 2 years ago. konstruktivna-geometrija · cistka samo. S.A, Madrid () Brauner, H., Kickinger, W.: Geometrija u graditeljstvu. Školska knjiga, Zagreb () Honenberg, F.: Konstruktivna geometrija u tehnici. [2] I. Babic, S. Gorjanc, A. Slicpcevic, V. Szirovicza: Konstruktivna geometrija — vjczbe, IGH-Zagreb. [3] N. Bakic, A. Milas, Zbirka zadataka iz lincarnc algebre.

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In this paper, the concept of an ARH-quasigroup is introduced and identities valid in that quasigroup are studied. The concept of the Steiner’s ellipse of the triangle in an isotropic plane is introduced. The theorem about the characterization of a GS- quasigroup by means of a commutative group in which there is an automorphism which satisfies certain conditions, konstrukyivna proved directly. Descartes, polar, cylindrical, spherical, absolute and relative coordinates. The concept of reciprocity with respect to a triangle is introduced in an isotropic plane.

Some statements about new points obtained from the vertices of an affine-regular heptagon are also studied. The concept of the Steiner point of a triangle in an isotropic plane is geimetrija in this paper. Departments Faculty of Technical Sciences. Volenec, The meaning of computer search in the study of some classes of IM-quasigroups, Croatian Journal of Education 53J. All content images that we display we only use properly without any intention of us to gain financially from one image or as a whole.

Introduction to engineering graphic communications. Important properties of the Kiepert hyperbola will be investigated in the case of the standard triangle. Thereby different properties of the symmedian center, the Gergonne point, the Lemoine line and the de Longchamps line of these triangles are obtained. Volenec, Dual Feuerbach theorem in an isotropic plane, Sarajevo Journal of Mathematics 18Abstract The dual Feuerbach theorem for konshruktivna allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is proved analytically by means of the so-called standard triangle.


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The concept of the affine regular icosahedron and affine regular octahedron in a general GS- quasigroup will be introduced in this paper. Some analogies with the Euclidean case will also be considered.

Therefore all content images we display pure just to complement information from the picture we uploaded without konsgruktivna intent to we sell-buy, in violation of copyright or intellectual property rights, and a valid artistic. A number of statements about the properties of this mapping is proved. Constructive processing of basic geometric surfaces and bodies used in mechanical engineering.

Structure of data for engineering graphics.

Some analogies with the Euclidean case are considered as well. Fundamental notions on the engineering design process.

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Engineering Graphic Communications 06 – M In this paper the concept of cosymmedian triangles in an isotropic plane is defined. The connections of the introduced concept with some other elements of the triangle in an isotropic plane are also studied.

The concept of the affine-regular hexagon, by means of six parallelograms, is defined and investigated in any parallelogram space and geometrical interpretation in the affine plane is also given. The images of some well known elements of a triangle with respect to this mapping will be studied. The collection that consisting of chosen picture and the best among other pictures.


Teaching students to be able to independently develop technical drawing manually or using a computer.

Конструктивна геометрија Машински факултет

In this paper the existence of three circles, which touch the circumscribed circle and Euler circle of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane, is proved. Hidden lines and surfaces.

A number of statements about relationships between some concepts of the triangle and their dual concepts are also proved. Development of spatial imagination and visualization, acquiring engineering knowledge on the most rational graphic representation of combined forms.

We prove that the existence of a cubic structure on the given set is equivalent to the existence of a totally symmetric medial quasigroup on this set, and it is equivalent to the existence of a commutative group on this set. It will be shown that the affine fullerene C60, which is defined as an affine image of buckminsterfullerene C60, can be obtained only by means of the golden section.

Some geometriha between these three circles and elements of a triangle are investigated. All content images within our website www. Fundamentals in computer aided product design. The “geometric” concepts of midpoint, parallelogram and affine-regular octagon is introduced konstriktivna a general ARO-quasigroup.