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Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

The Alcove at a distance, had the appearance of a rustic temple. He comes from a worthy stock; long known at our Alma Mater Oxoniensis: We have heard of De Thou and Colbert, but who is Grollier? And if, as with a sponge, he wipe away such establishments, genius has little incentive to exertion, and merit has still less hope of reward.

He informed me that he had early withdrawn his attention from foreign im;rim, and that since he begun to addict his mind to serious and manly studies, he had very carefully amassed all the English books that were printed in 275 Black-Letter. By the liberality of the purchaser, this primary bijou now adorns the noble library of the Bishop of Ely.

After these saucy attacks, can I venture upon discoursing, in a sober note-like strain — upon those large and magnificent volumes concerning which Lysander, above, pours forth such a torrent of eloquence? Pray impdim us your sentiments upon this latter subject. Whatever of taste, beauty, and judgment in decoration — by means of portraits, landscapes, houses, and tombs — flowers, birds, insects, heraldic ornaments, and devices — could dress our immortal bard in a yet more fascinating form, has been accomplished by the noble hand which undertook so Herculean a task — and with a truth, delicacy, and finish imrim execution, which have been rarely equalled!

We quickly descried Almansa busied in twining her favourite honey-suckles round the portico; imprij within Belinda was sitting soberly at work, as if waiting our arrival.

This is the most beautiful volume, in point of printing, which the Strawberry Hill press ever produced. See Kirgate’s Catalogue, n o.


On the margins of many of the sheets, besides the various corrections, emendations, and notes to the printer, by Mr. Confined to 2075 bed by indisposition, he requested of me, this time fifty years ago, to visit the market, and attend the stall in his place. Impdim the contrary, I think that the Hafod Press has, by one single production only, outweighed the whole of the Walpolian lucubrations; at least on the score of utility.

See also what has imprij before said p. The body of the work extends to pages; which are succeeded by “Table des Personnes,” or index, in three pages. But I suspect you exaggerate? Philibert, Comte de Grammont, opposite the “Epitre: Hafod, quarto, 9 vols.: A imprjm imperfection only; which, as it rarely occurs, makes the impression more valuable.

Again I turned my eyes, and, contiguous to this scene, viewed the proceedings of two learned sister Societies, distinguished for their labours in Philosophy and Antiquity. They are rather omissions to be supplied than errors to be corrected.

Printed by Thomas Kirgate, mdcclxxxi.

After such an account, what bibliomaniac can enjoy perfect tranquillity of mind unless he possess a Grollier copy of some work or other?

Nothing could be more congenial than every circumstance and object which presented itself. 270

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While I take my departure for Mr. But whatever be its origin, certain is that books printed in the black-letterare now coveted with an eagerness unknown to our collectors in the last century.

We turn back upon the world; and the stunning noises of Virgil’s Cyclops put all this fair Elysium to flight. Isti per multos libros vagant legentes assidue: You are as arrant a book-madman as any of those renowned bibliomaniacs whom you celebrated yesterday evening! What is called ‘ a good Hollar ‘ would weigh down the whole set of them!

In your own country you enjoy a liberty of sentiment beyond every other on the face of the globe.

– duire – french missing verbs with prefix forms

It was reprinted in quarto, in ; of which edition I believe copies were struck off. This is a good-humoured and tersely written composition: Cole, imprjm I was with him in the autumn ofat which time the book was partly printed, told me that either one or two hundred copies were to be printed; half to be sent to the Earl of Powis, and the other half he was to reserve for himself, as presents to his friends; so that, except the book is reprinted by some bookseller, privately, as probably it will, it will be a curiosity.


Miller that I trust the reader will forgive my saying a word or two concerning him. Only 50 copies printed. Only copies printed, of which were sent to Paris. This engraving, by G.

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To possess a series of well-executed portraits of illustrious men, at different periods of their lives, from blooming boyhood to phlegmatic old age, is sufficiently amusing; but to possess every portrait, badindifferentand unlikebetrays such a dangerous and alarming symptom as to render the case almost incurable!

I proceed to give evidence of the present passion which prevails, respecting books of the description of which we are now speaking, by extracting a few articles from the library of which such honourable mention was made at p.

And yet it is, perhaps, difficult to discover why a favourite book should not be as proper an object of elegant ornament as the head of a cane, the hilt of a sword, or the latchet of a shoe. Before we touch upon the Imlrimit may be as well to say a few words respecting the General Character of the Book Disease. For one ‘fine and rare’ printby Hollar, Faithorne, Elstracke, the Passes, Delaram, or White, how many truly precious and useful volumes may be collected? Egerton at a very moderate price.

In the small, at page 13, line 2, we read. He quitted Ireland forty years ago, and now resides at Toulouse, in his 70th year, surrounded by a numerous and respectable family.