Henry Giroux shows how Disney atempts to hide befind a cloak of innocence and entertainment, while simultaneously exercising its influence as a major force. Henry A. Giroux explores the surprisingly diverse ways in which Disney, while hiding behind a cloak of innocence and entertainment, strives to dominate global . How are children—and their parents—affected by the world’s most influential corporation? Henry A. Giroux explores the surprisingly diverse.

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The Mouse that Roared : Henry A. Giroux :

As Giroux explains, Disney, a corporation with the intent of seeking profit, has integrated entertainment and education hand in hand. These schools could hardly be said to practice the kind of critical pedagogy that the author would advocate – instead, they seek to encourage people to accept and adjust to change, rather than to have a role in affecting change. Also this would make the book appealing to the masses.

He does not go for the jugular, by presenting the upsides to Disney and the joy so many gain by it’s existence. And for Disney it works in spades. I appreciated the topic, the impact of Disney’s stereotypes and illusion of the completely blissful life. The Mouse that Roared: He points to other problems with consumerism, education, corporate shadows and political interests too.

This book offers a crucial intervention in cultural politics for any place where Disney products sell. Harvard University Press, And just right, too – given we are all now so ashamed at how badly we treated ‘our boys’ who were off sunning themselves for democracy in foreign climes while tapping their feet to some really great songs.

The Best Books of Description This expanded and revised edition explores and updates the cultural politics of the Walt Yiroux Company and how its ever-expanding list of products, services, and media function as teaching machines that shape children’s culture into a largely commercial endeavor. It is also useful as an all-purpose guide to corporate greed and immorality, and it’s imporant to be aware of these things as henyr make our decisions as consumers today.


Disney and the End of Innocence presents tools, key concepts and analyses, and the context to provide hemry critical pedagogy of all things Disney. Routledge named Giroux as one of the top fifty educational thinkers of the modern period in It touches on a million different aspect, but doesn’t go into depth roarec much as I would have liked on some of them.

And even though we that it is probably something of an overstatement that one-in-twelve people in our socie A while ago I was reading the introduction to some essays by Adorno and the author was talking about Adorno’s idea of dual consciousness or double consciousness, something like that.

And even though we that it is probably something of an overstatement that one-in-twelve people in our society are born with multiple personality disorder, just because they were born in the month of ‘the twins’ – even so, if our horoscope says, “take a different route home today – something good awaits you” – well, what’s the cost? How this translates into a cultural message that values consumerism over the public sphere is not sufficiently girux. May 17, Natalie rated it roarwd liked it Shelves: But as such we might not approach what it does with the kind of critical eye that we should approach material that, let’s be honest, we often use to babysit our children.


The Mouse that Roared : Disney and the End of Innocence

The analysis looks at issues of race, class and gender. Here are some highlights from the book.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. It is just so sad to say that.

In a good way, I suppose. Nov 21, Dalice rated it it was ok Shelves: Giroux explores the surprisingly diverse ways in which Disney, while hiding behind a cloak of innocence and entertainment, strives to dominate global media and shape the desires, needs, and futures of Giroux is the well-known author of many books and articles on society, education, and political culture.


References to this book Breaking the Magic Spell: While giving very valid points about the corporation Disneyland’s commercialism, many others were completely off the mark.

Be the first to ask a question about The Mouse that Roared. Baudrillard does a more interesting take on the Disney experience that seems more relevant.

It wants to be understood as ‘wholesome’ and fun.

The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the End of Innocence

Account Options Sign in. Popular passages Page 14 – So against the hegemonic force of the dominant classes, “the people” in fact represent the most creative energies and functions of critical reading. Breaking the Magic Spell: Giroux asks us to reevaluate the seemingly innocuous animated Disney productions and theme parks, which focus on a safe, sanitized, middle-class white depiction of the American ideal, while promoting racial and sexual stereotypes in films such as Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

Her ongoing research interests include cultural and media studies, historical formations of the public sphere, social policy, and community development.

Disney and the End of Innocence Culture and education series. While the argument that Disney has an almost incomprehensible of power and cultural influence is undeniable, the book has a lackluster and as-if-uninterested voice about the situation.

Feb 08, Michael rated it really liked it. As the author says, this is a kind of Goared entertainment experience – gidoux, timed to within a microsecond and generally unchallenging and meant as spectacle, rather than something requiring thought.