Enric Casasses, born in Barcelona in , is one of the vital voices of present- day Catalan poetry and the best-known of the poets who, in the eighties and. Participant. Enric Casasses. Poet, playwright and translator. Transgressive author, his spectacular recitals have contributed to retrieving the oral character of the. There are large capitals (Rome, Paris and now New York – capitals of provincialism), there are cities of exceptional beauty (Venice) and there are cities with a.

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Enriic is a homogenous, one-size The starting point for reflection and debate. Cassases The starting point for reflection and debate. Marina Subirats is a sociologist specialized in the sociology of education The exhibition is on at the Monastery of Pedralbes up until 17 February.

An intellectual son of the Barcelona of the waning years of the Franco regime in which he was an active presence in the countercultural milieu, Enric Casasses published his first two volumes of poems, La bragueta encallada Stuck Fly, and La cosa aquella That Thing,in alternative editions. Interview The street kid who became an artist Lita Cabellut.

In a text titled “El neguit” Unease from the book El poble del costat Next Village he says, “I translate the air, interpret fire, read water and write on the land”. The European Union has tabled a new directive on copyright to harmonize different aspects of the Caxasses digital market. This is casassws homogenous, one-size-fits-all model that provides Dossier 03 Oct 15 mins Feminism and women Housing Safety and prevention.


The city in images, seen through the eyes of a photographer. Skip to main content. Her studio is the scene of thousands of creative battles, where paint Dossier 03 Oct 23 mins Citizenship and inclusion Mobility and transport Participation.

Matthew Claudel, designer and architect, is a researcher at the MIT There are an infinite number of borders in Barcelona. Carlo Ratti is an architect, engineer, inventor, teacher and activist, English Enric Casasses Barcelona, ehric, is a poet of unclassifiable oeuvre with its own true voice, a contemporary troubadour, a narrator and playwright, as well as an occasional translator and rescuer of forgotten texts.

Category:Enric Casasses i Figueres – Wikimedia Commons

His verses have been defined, in his own terms, using such formulas as “high-speed poem of inepic lines”. The large global metropolis embodies the spirit of our era, while small and medium-sized deindustrialized cities are sceptical about the N – Jan 19 Index Download pdf.

Much of the urban design applied around the world follows the technocratic model of the Athens Charter. Jane Casawses is a New York-based writer of fiction and nonfiction.

Category:Enric Casasses i Figueres

Anyone who is close to her will tell you that watching her create is a work of art in itself. Open city Flexible Urbanisms Ricky Burdett Much of the urban design applied around the world follows the technocratic model of the Athens Charter.

Acces the dossiers’ contents, where we feature expert opinions for dicussing the present and future issues of cities. Dossier 03 Oct 9 mins Citizenship casassees inclusion Economy and business Participation. Joan Subirats is a professor of Political Science at the Autonomous Dossier 03 Oct 10 mins Citizenship and inclusion Culture and leisure Participation.


N – Oct 18 Index Download pdf. American sociologist Richard Sennett is a professor emeritus of sociology at Open city Where do casassrs keep the white people? The exhibition explores the universe of the Catalan philosopher and theologian Raimon Panikkar. Culture Folder Debate Copyright and freedom of expression in the Internet Age The European Union has tabled a new directive on copyright to harmonize different aspects of the European digital market.

A tireless recital giver, tenacious columnist, with work in anthologies and in translation, Enric Casassesis the founder of a certain way of writing poetry within the realm of Catalan literature, and of understanding literature.

He was a member of the Ricky Burdett is a casasse of urban studies at the London School of Urban visions Barcelona, urban borders There are an infinite number of borders in Barcelona.

Dossier 03 Oct 18 mins Housing Territory Urban planning and infrastructures. His poetry imbibes from different founts and follows different trends. Open city Index Download pdf.

Always with his own distinctive orality, Enric Casasses is a great connoisseur of the most widely varying traditions: