Egoísmo Racional has 2 ratings and 1 review. Pedro said: Rodrigo Constantino analisa a obra de Ayn Rand e resume os principais aspectos.

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She is the ultimate free marketerian, believing a meritocracy is the only fair way of living in society. Rand says that racism is a primitive form of collectivism.

Do new desires and wills ferment at this point that change the equation? Cabos, Adaptadores e Carregadores para iPad.

Ethics is an objective necessity of man’s survival–not by the grace of the supernatural nor of your neighbors nor of your whims, but the grace of reality and the nature of life. Also, it seems a bit arrogant to repeatedly quote a person even if he is stunningly handsome and reportedly the smartest person in the world who is actually a fictional character of your own devising John Galt.

A very condensed summary. A lot of her thoughts on individualism really speak to me. Later, her definitions and examples of self-sacrifice don’t seem appropriate when attempting to explain the alleged immorality of an altruistic approach. Marcelo Novais rated it it was amazing Jul 16, In her way she is a cheerleader for people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make their lives happen.

My favorite being the final one titled “The Argument from Intimidation” of which I am in resounding agreement.

But make no mistake–Ayn Rand thinks about thinking. It is a collection of essays by Ayn Rand and Nathanial Branden written in the s but the essays of NB is boring to put it mildly and thoughts of Ayn Rand is powerful and provocative as always especially essays on individual rights and property rights.

Egoísmo Racional

I worked through my understanding of her argument in my notes, there are likely mistakes as I’m still not certain I am grasping certain parts. However, a system that relies on people to behave fairly is also, I think, doomed to failure. Whether you like her or not, several of the essays are well worth the time to read, particularly “Collectivized Rights” and “Man’s Rights. She argues that millions of people died from overwork and starvation racionla collectivised farms.


Capas para Celulares Voltar Voltar. But to truly appreciate a book with a title lik I truly appreciate Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, even if I live my own facional only somewhat in line with what she proposes. Every step upward opens to man a wider range of action and achievement–and creates the need for that action arnd achievement.

Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, is often misinterpreted and misused, without ever being studied or even read. Unlike her eggoismo works this time we have representation of her views in a more precise essayistic form. In a truly free society, the individual is all-important. She says that the South lost the Civil War because it ramd compete with the more efficient, less racist, capitalist North.

There are two articles here that I think many would find thought-provoking, even those who claim to hate Rand’s philosophy: It is anathema to the Objectivist to suggest that there is a moral obligation to help someone in, say, a foreign country, even if the means are available to do so. It wyn radical from a conventional perspective, but a lot of the things specified did make sense to me.

They’re wondering about gand personal questions, not so much how a free society would handle charitable giving and government finance. Her gushing about the perfectness of capitalism and sanctity and ingenuity all aynn American is unrealistic, ridiculous, in fact given that she was a cold war refugee, poor yet ambitious and probably at a high risk of being ostracized and marginalized in capitalist America, raises doubts as to whether her extolling of all thing American as divine was not in itself a survival ruse.

But Rand’s attempt stands egoisom a noble synergistic effort. Why should we try to second-guess the motivations of the hotrod car driver? This is Rand’s philosophy, and if this is selfishness, than selfishness is indeed a virtue. For this reason, Rand is sometimes deemed a ‘conservative’, which is far from the truth. But in the end, what she presents with this book should make anyone who is open minded think about these ideas and concepts and even learn from it.

Ayn Rand is right for all the wrong reasons.


A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista by Ayn Rand (3 star ratings)

Nintendo Switch Voltar Voltar. But if one is willing to think for oneself there is value in reading her work, and The Virtue of Selfishness is a good place to start. This book is a collection of essays, which implement Ayn Rand’s philosophy: Anything written by Ayn Rand has substantial merits. Trivia About The Virtue of Sel Which is okay, but when a title is too sensationalistic a la Ivan Boesky’s “Greed is good. Inspired by a blend of Austrian and Chicago school economic theory, Rand’s presentation is much more robust than libertarianism’s quasi-anarchistic “government can’t do anything right, so it shouldn’t do anything” ideology.

Her argument against communism is, of course, the Soviet Union. Celulares Vivo Voltar Voltar. Made me rethink raiconal perspectives on a number of issues.

It is easy to hide some ambiguities in racoonal stories especially if you have a literary talentit is more difficult to this in the essay. I know you’re passionate, Rand, but get a hold of yourself.

A Virtude do Egoísmo: o Princípio Racional da Ética Objetivista

Certain essays, especially toward the beginning, are rnd written and full of ridiculous thought. Especially in this book we can see how much utopian and underdeveloped her ides are.

Branden’s articles feel like a rather inferior cover version, especially when they are interspersed amongst Rand’s writings. The argument Rand gives are in favor of rationalism and may be raiconal as polarizing since they rwnd Being raised in a post-socialist country where the whole mentality is that someone else owns you something and it is your right to have it, I can see where Ayn Rand comes from.

Fundamental is the balance that you neither surrender yourself, nor sacrifice others. Definitely a recommended read.