Tara Herpecheveux, whose head is covered with glowing, golden, dreadlock-like curls of hair, wants Parker to introduce her to kids all over. About 4 chapters later Parker noticed that his dreadlock was twitching and had a Shusterman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Tara Russell. Updated 22 February Transcript. Book and Beyond. Tara Russell. Period 3. Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman.

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Not a good reading day for me. Oct 30, Aelvana rated it it was amazing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So what’s Tara’s secret, and why does she always wear sunglasses? In fact, she has endowed him with certain cravings of his own. Aug 02, Elora Mitchell rated it it was amazing. I also didn’t love this. Looking for More Great Reads? He cleverly weaves together shuxterman parts of fairy tales and Greek mythology to tell the story of fourteen-year-old Parker Bear, rich and utterly bored with life—until a new girl arrives in town.

Because of that and the unexpected ending, I had to elevate it above so many others.

Dreadlocks Timeline by Mason Benge on Prezi

Parker ends up spending more time with Tara and in the process Tara ends up turning Parker into what she is, a Gorgon. Tara’s interesting, which is exactly how she’s supposed to be. What we’ll do after that, I’m not sure.

Tara is unlike anyone Parker has ever met, but he soon realizes there’s a good reason for that. From literally dreadocks first page I never liked the protagonist Parker Baer. Positive, with a dark ending I’ll definately be reading more by him. Fifteen year old Parker Baer lives in a huge house filled with everything he could ever have dreamed of having.


Dread Locks

Neal Shusterman simply dreaclocks ever settle for anything less dreadlocjs the very best that he has to offer, and the big winner is his readers, who have been the beneficiaries of a long line of his outstanding novels from Unwind to Full TiltThe Shadow Club to Bruiser.

Slightly disappointing, especially since this is the author of two of my favorite books, Unwind and Bruiser. She was pretty jerky.

Why I Started the Book: Yes, the teenaged Parker is now memorialized in dreadlocls. In a horrifying climax, Shusterman delivers the moral of the tale, unusual in itself, for most books of this genre rarely deliver a message so powerfully. He’s always been given everything he’s ever wanted, due to the fact that his parents are wealthy.

Cool, collected, and mysterious, she makes the reading want to know more about her, and her motives. Yes, sign me up No. Strengths including reviews and awards: It didn’t make my eyes water with badness, but in no way would I feel comfortable calling this book ok.

Also, I just don’t shustermxn the dark chills from this book everybody else gets As a full-time writer, he claims to be his own hardest task-master, always at work creating new stories to tell.

Parker’s realistic view and opinions of his family’s wealth The beginning of the end. All the signs are there: To say more would spoil the spooky fun of this wild thriller—let the twist speak for itself and leave you still as dreadlocls statue. He has an obnoxious older brother, Garrett, and an irritable little sister, Katrina. Nael else going in blind like I did would have assumed, as I did, that this was merely a contemporary story based on the Medusa mythos.

Odd cravings, incessantly strange behavior, and a general weirdness pervade the halls of the private dreadlocms for the rich. The waiting was killing me!

They’re all there, and the finished product is a quick, fun, and sometimes depressing read. This book was both predictable and unpredictable. Neal Shusterman lives in Southern California with his children Brendan, Jarrod, Joelle, and Erin, who are a drfadlocks source of inspiration!


After spending his junior and senior years of high school at the American School of Mexico City, Neal went on to UC Irvine, where he made his mark on the UCI swim team, and wrote a successful humor column. I’ll pretend there’s nothing wrong if you pretend there’s nothing wrong. I didn’t really get into this book, although I do recommend practically any of shusterman’s other shueterman.

Want to Read saving…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Will Tara get her friend?

And so Tara started to weave a tingled web of drama, but as she laid out her plan; something unexpected happens-he lets Parker in. He’s not pining after personal relationships he can’t shuusterman aka no missing girlfriend. The ending, although slightly predictable in some ways, was a surprise overall. If you like his other books, then I would read this one.

Mar 21, Renee Hess rated it it was ok. This is one of those books, where I was reading along, knowing that Shusterman doesn’t put things into his books without a reason, yet I couldn’t figure out all the foreshadowing till the end.

Parker Baer is spoiled.

I’ll spare the summary, and, well, everything else because this is my first review and I lack an audience. On the back of this book it said it was a mix between the three little bears and Medusa. Aug 14, Neil or dreaadlocks rated it really liked it Shelves: