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The Minister has the power to construct sewers sect. Establishes a wages council for employees in the shirt and garment industry. Drug Service Act, Authorizes these Officers to make inspections of businesses and employers.

Barbados Citizenship Act Cap. Sets the conditions under which the amount of a severance payment may be reduced or excluded because of a pension. The Act also introduces measures to control the production and processing of sugar cane and the exportation of sugar.

Consolidates and amends the Acts of Barbados relating to the Police Force. Drug Service Act, Makes provisions for arbitrations. The Civil Establishment General Order An Act to provide for the acquisition, deprivation and renunciation of Citizenship of 25054 and for purposes incidental to or connected with the matters aforesaid.

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Provides for the grant of decretoo leave to female employees. Part Two sets provisions involving the employment of persons at night. Payment of additional expenditures of repatriation of insured person Chapter IV: Health Services Act Act No. Act adopted to give effect to Art. International Business Companies Act.


Amends Law on Public Service introducing wording changes to articles 33 Bases for refusal to admit for public service44 Peculiarities of calculation of seniority47 Guarantees of rights of public servant in case of liquidation of state body, reduction of the number of workers or staffrepeals sub-paragraph 1.

Agricultural Aids Act Cap. Obligates employers to keep records of renumeration periods of employment and holiday for all employees. Statement of requirements of Occupational safety in the regulation of Occupational safety Chapter V: Makes major wording changes in articles 15 Acquisition of citizenship in the procedure of registration16 Grounds for refusal considering application for acquisition of citizenship33 Submission and registration of applications for citizenship35 Date of acquisition or termination of citizenshipRephrases article 18 which now reads: Public Holidays Act Act No.

Also makes minor wording changes in articles 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 20, 22, 29, 30, 31, Makes some minor amendments to recruiting of Workers Regulations, and The remaining provisions prescribe offences and penalties and define powers of public officials. Part Five deals with costs of the reference and award, fees and interest. It also includes provisions on sources of funds, payment, voluntary contributions and the collection of contributions.

Part Eight includes miscellaneous provisions dealing with inter alia, powers of the Court to extend the time for commencing arbitration proceedings and terms as to costs.


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Barbados Independence Order No. Nevertheless, the information on the alumina markets provided to the Commission confirms that the authorization of a major part of the aid is appropriate and, as concluded above, can be justified under point 51 1 b decrero the Environmental aid guidelines by the overall positive results obtained in environmental terms through the adoption of taxes.

It also establishes that benefits are inalienable.

Part Seven establishes regulations on references under order of the High Court or Judge. Decree of the National Statistic Committee No. It states that further regulations will be made for the determination of claims and questions, the administration of benefits, interim payments, arrears and repayments.

Part Three establishes the duties of the Force, including powers of arrest and additional powers in relation to the maintenance of public order.

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Funds and resources of the Board. Decreto lei 67 comentado pdf download free apps. Sets maximum basic pay for the purposes of decreeto Severance Fund Contribution Regulations as well as exceptions to this Order. It establishes that the authority of arbitrators and umpires is irrevocable.

Barbados Constitution Amendment Act L.