Joan D. Vinge is an American science fiction author. She is known for such works as her Hugo Cat[edit]. Psion (); Catspaw (); Dreamfall (). Cat’s paw is a phrase derived from La Fontaine’s fable, “The Monkey and the Cat” , referring to a person used unwittingly or unwillingly by another to accomplish the other’s own purpose. Cat’s paw or Catspaw may also refer to: Catspaw ( novel), science fiction book by Joan D. Vinge ยท Catspaw (TV series), TV series. Catspaw (Cat, book 2) by Joan D Vinge – book cover, description, publication history.

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I find I do not know much to say about the worldbuilding. He discovers his strength and power. Cat is half Hydran and quickly becomes their ‘key’ to ending the humans reign on Cinder. Now, 25 years later, this special anniversary edition of Psion contains a new introduction by the author and “Psiren,” a story never before included in any trade edition of Psion.

But soon enough, he finds the group is doing quite a bit more than just learning to get better vinfe their different psionic talents and learning what it means to have all the normal people hate and fear them. I remember reading Catspaw a long time ago and I really loved it. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Ever hear of DNA tests? Tor Books; 1st vlnge March 6, Language: Psion and its continuation in Catspaw are beautifully written and contain all a Psi-Fi fan could want.

Seeking answers, Cat finds lies and savagery, passion and atrocity–trails that lead from crystal valleys to clubs for silver-skinned beauties. Vinge throws a lot more plot building and background dumping early on, while character building takes somewhat of a backseat. I recommend both, but “Catspaw can be read as a stand-alone book. Now he’s been dragged into a dangerous game of vingge level corporate vinve when he is kidnapped by the powerful taMing clan, given drugs that bring back his ability, and set as a bodyguard against assassins.


Vinge does not try to cover up the characters’ flaws–rather, she presents them just the way they are, with their strengths and weaknesses. Ships same or next business day!

Catspaw (Cat, #2) by Joan D. Vinge

The plot is simple and straightforward, and I was slightly disappointed in the clear distinction she made between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

He’s never been trained for this kind of work. Sep 12, Lisa rated catspaww it was amazing. This is an absolutely stunning character-oriented novel written in the first person, and it’s amazing how much it influenced my writing. This is a trilogy, and my favorite of the series is the second book; least favorite the catspas. This was one of those books. The dialogs were great, it wasn’t just two heads talking for a whole five pages while the rest of the story pauses. Though you could argue that maybe the author wasn’t intending for the main character to be a hero.

I understood what actually happened a little better this time, and the important thoughts and ideas didn’t go quite as far over my head. I didn’t much like it, but out of finge, I’ll bump it up a star.

Joan D. Vinge

A Novel with One Foot in the Future. Cat is trying to make something of the life he nearly lost in the previous vinbe, and he’s minding his business going to university when he’s kidnapped.


Psion Cat by Joan D. What an interesting novel, and what a pity that I do not have it’s two next books! The book feels a little rough, but it’s a decent introduction to the character and the universe. I have not read many cyberpunk books yet, but I would like to read some more, because Catspaw did not disappoint. I didn’t like it as well as the second and third, obviously. Jul 16, Julie Decker rated it it was amazing.

Alien Blood: Psion / Catspaw (Cat, #) by Joan D. Vinge

The flow of words and switch between speaking and describing was sometimes a bit awkward to read, but it never felt forced. Interiors are tightly bound and unmarked. And all of the caspaw names are too weird.

Nice way to toss the reader into the world. I did like that about the story. Views Read Edit View history. Cahspaw am extremely picky about the rating of the content in a book and I am morally bias, both of which reflect the rating.

These two books have guaranteed that I’ll check out every novel Vinge has written–sadly, far too few. Archived from the original on Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.