Obabakoak. Bernardo Atxaga, Author, Margaret Jull Costa, Translator Pantheon Books $22 (p) ISBN Obabakoak is a shimmering, mercurial novel about life in Obaba, a remote, exotic Basque village. A schoolboy’s mining engineer father tricks him into growing. The British press in particular praised Atxaga, writing that Obabakoak was “an exciting intellectual event” (cf. Pavey) and a “brilliant novel, full of life” (cf.

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Obabakoak Byblos Castellano – Pages: I should mention that there were also a few critics who doubted the literary quality of Behi euskaldun baten memoriak. Editoria del Norte Asturianu – Obabakoak is a shimmering, mercurial novel about life in Obaba, a remote, exotic Basque village. To Siberia by Per Petterson.

Bernardo Atxaga (Author of Obabakoak)

The objectivity expected from a third-person narrative is put into question by the closeness with which the reader is made to experience Irene’s feelings. Obabakoak Libra Universalia Romania – Obxbakoak The two reviews published in the renowned Revue des livres pour les enfantspraised the book’s humor and originality above all things and said the book was a gift to all readers.

He felt the only reason why he obabakok writing the review was the author’s status and fame.

Not many reviews appeared in the Basque press and journals, and the few that appeared did not praise the novel very highly. In the realm bernqrdo Obaba. Only a Dutch critic stated that the group of short stories making up the text lacked narrative intensity – the remaining reviews I analyzed highlighted the quality of the work.


Lee Six, Traugott, Nisulathe use of fairytale-like narrative techniques cf. During these interviews Atxaga criticized the excessive political romanticism, which, in his opinion, was predominant in the attitudes of nationalist politicians in the Basque Country cf.

Diane’s trying bernatdo in Other critics, such as the Italian Melis cf. In most of the reviews published in Basque, after describing the plot, the critics listed the narrative strategies the narrator had made use of.

The international reception of Bernardo Atxaga’s works

The Horse Has Six Legs: But the fact that the book was originally written in Basque especially aroused the critics’ interest – it was perceived as a novelty, as something exotic.

Margaret Jull Costa Translator. The Lone Woman is another example of a novel structured around a single character. Obabakoak by Bernardo Atxaga.

Obabakoak – Wikipedia

Series by Bernardo Atxaga. But “Memoirs of a Basque Cow” was best received in Germany. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Stories by Belle Boggs.

Basque critics such as Lasagabaster, Aldekoa, Kortazar, Gabilondo and Azkorbebeitia underlined the book’s literary value and its significance in the context of the recent history of our literature. Gernika Muskerraren bidea Narp. He said that in heaven ohabakoak a huge cake reserved solely for married people who’ve never once regretted getting married.


Some stand out among these: He understands the nature of storytelling and is at once terribly moving and wildly funny. The British press in particular praised Atxaga, writing that Obabakoak was “an exciting intellectual event” cf. I would like to finish this survey by noting that Basque critics also echoed the international opinion and praised the exceptional feat the book had accomplished in winning the Spanish Narrative Prize.

Other titles were very clear in their praise: Oficyna Literacka Polska – Classical texts such as A Thousand and One Nights or the Decameron were unanimously hailed as influences; but critics also discovered references to 19th-century authors such as Balzac, Chekhov, Maupassant cf.

Obabakoak Punto de lectura Castellano – But, like a dam, it needs overflow channels if it’s not to burst its banks. Alphabetically Speaking 22 Jan 18, Diane’s Frequent Flyer World Tour. Here Hopkin is referring to the effect of the sparseness of the prose, which invites the perception that what is being suggested, what is left “outside” the text, is more important than what is left in. Dituria Albania – In Spain the reviews were equally positive.