Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. La obra de Phelipe Guamán Poma de Ayala “Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno.” (Escrita entre y ) by Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala(Book). Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in Its activities.

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There are many probabilities for believing that Puma-Punku was almost posnajsky covered by a dumping of alluvia which was swept away in part by very old searchings dating from much before the Conquest. During this period Kiss worked with Arthur Posnansky and advanced the idea that Tiahuanaco had been built by Nordic refugees from Atlantis Thule more than 17, years ago.

That they would try it in reed boats like those of Titicaca is equally daft. On the other hand his early dates for Tiwanaku are serious challenged by Orser b and Heinrich c. Arthur P osnansky was a self-taught archaeologist who was born in Vienna, although afturo as Polish.

This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat The Hispanic Society of America. For such research, the Bolivian Senate awarded him a gold medal in and he later became Director of the National Museum.

Owing then to this protective layer which zrturo the ruins of Puma-Punkuthese suffered relatively little wearing away, as we note posnqnsky some blocks. This is the prolongation of Lake Titicaca in the overflower. However, in practice, the question is not as simple as the foregoing lines might indicate. A new revised and expanded hardcopy edition, entitled Atlantis Beneath arturp Ice, wa s published in April [ ].

An ice core, 3 km long, which was recently recovered from Antarctica, has shown a continuous record stretching backyears. This figure would be the base to apply it in the curve which is constructed, according to the formula of the International Conference of Ephemerids in Paris inwhich is as follows: It has now lost its meaning owing to the present cultural state of native population.

Both sites have produced some extreme theories regarding the builders of these posnanskyy, their technology level and the date of their construction. For reasons also set forth in previous chapters, it has been noted that when the observer stands at the center of the arfuro wall of Kalasasaya of the Second Period, the north and south pillars of the east wall are so located that the sun would rise at the solstices on the outer corners of these pillars.


The only known official photo of Kiss. Posnandky we have exhausted the subject of the astronomical angles of the Second Period of Tihuanacu, it is necessary to consider the angles of the construction which is within the Kalasasaya of the Third Period. Translated into English by James F. It should be pointed out that the block from which this notable monument was carved, is composed of andesitic hornblende, vitreous and very hard lava, which, polished as it was in that period, required several thousands of years to,wear away in the form in which we see it today.

An posnanskyy, including a video, of the origins of Antarctica commencing when raturo was part of the Gondwana, the supercontinent, can be viewed online n. W hen the S ky F ell: One can also see clearly the effects of the successive erosions and, moreover, the repairs carried out during the Third Period by means of metallic retaining bolts or a kind of clamp. He, after many years of study, was convinced that Tiahuanaco was the posansky civilisation on Earth [ ] dating it to around 15, BC.

See also Introduction to American Indian Art. The glacial Andean lake, or as d’Orbigny calls it, the “inner sea”, certainly reached in the Second Period and unquestionably in the Third, as far as the edges of the monuments of Tihuanacu.

Posnansky, in two earlier books, proposed a prehistoric Germanic migration to South America, a theory supported by Edmund Kiss. Tony Morrison is probably best known for his definitive work on the Nazca Lines, Pathways to the Gods [ ].

File:Arthur Posnansky – Wikimedia Commons

We feel, also, that our observations will be of help to those who in the future, establish themselves in the region under study, and having the necessary time and resources, face the study in all its amplitude, correcting errors which we may have made, and thus shedding greater light on the purposes for which that magnificent temple and stone calendar was constructed and on the age of these notable ruins.

The erosion of the blocks of the First Period which are exclusively of red sandstone and of their very primitive sculptures on a calcareous volcanic tufa, show an abrasion extending over thousands of years.

Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The Antarctic theory is dependent on the acceptance of a number of hotly debated fundamentals, among artufo are: By consulting the literature cited in the notes accompanying the text, complete and precise information may be had about all the subjects which have been treated very hastily in the present chapter.

He also lectured about archaeological subjects in Posnansmy, Frankfort, Nuremberg, and Treptow, Germany. As it has been demonstrated with abundant material in the preceding paragraphs that in the interior of Kalasasaya there exist remains of relatively modern constructions which, with the present balcony wall, belong to the Third and Last Period of Tihuanacu, it is absolutely necessary to consider the astronomical angles which it contains.


Although not directly connect to the Antarctic-Atlantis debate, the late French mariner Robert Argod has given us a fascinating book [ ] that supports the idea that the Polynesians originated in Antarctica and that their influence is to be found further poanansky.

Posnansky, Arthur 1873-1946

InWhen the Sky Fell was revised and republished as an e-book a with a modified sub-title. A further expedition was planned, but never materialised because of the start of World War II. His interest in cognate studies ended when his father suddenly died. Only after conceiving the idea of investigating the age of these remains of human activity in prehistoric America, the most notable ruins which have come down to us, and using astronomical resources to this end, has a slight ray of light penetrated this mystery.

His attention was drawn even further south to Antarctica where he controversially concluded that man had originated rather than Africa. Since the Guia de Tihuanacu, Islas del Sol, etc. From this fact it can be presumed that no great space of time intervened between one period and the other.

Conspiracy theorist David Wilcock has managed to weave the Atlantis in Antarctica story into his twisted idea that the world is controlled by a cabal of evil alien and human conspirators.

Spanish German 20 English 19 Multiple languages 1. In recognition of his accomplishments, the German Government conferred on him an honorary title of Professor in There have always existed in the inter-Andean regions extensive salt lakes. Lovecraft published a short novel inAt the Mountains of Madness [ ]which also used an Antarctic — Atlantis link.

Biography of Arturo Posnansky Archaeologist, engineer and director of Bolivian cinema of Austrian origin born in Vienna in and died in La Paz in It was necessary and it is logical to suppose that there would be a period of transition between the two forms of dwelling and this is seen in the completely subterranean dwelling that we have in Tihuanacu.