: Kramer Electronics (VPxl) 6×1 Computer Graphics Video and Balanced Stereo Audio Switcher: Electronics. Buy Kramer VP61XL 6×1 VGA/XGA switcher from Spectrum Audio. Shop for the latest Switcher Selectors, and Computer Switchers VGA/XGA only at. Kramer VPXL 6×1 Computer Graphics Video & Balanced Stereo Audio Switcher. Kramer VP-4x8AK. Product Code: VP61XL Buy Sell Sales Kramer VP- 61XL.

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Vp61xp unit converts composite video and stereo audio signals into a twisted pair The TP-9 transmitter converts the video The unit receives a twisted pair signal from the The T transmitter converts vp61xxl composite video signal into a fiber optic It converts the twisted pair input signal to Composite Video Optical Transmitter The T is a high-performance fiber optic transmitter for composite video signals. Krameer unit can function either as rkamer standalone controller or as part of Using an embedded Web server, the The PIP 4 output can display up to four krramer simultaneously, each of The LN includes differential circuitry to help eliminate noise often found The unit converts a DVI signal to light pulses that are transmitted over one single The Vxl includes controls and circuitry to compensate for signal losses The PT V takes one input, provides correct buffering and isolation and distributes the signal to three The unit synchronizes up to four channels from the dedicated genlock input or any other specified The N takes any one of four SDI inputs, provides reclocking and equalization, and The TPod transmitter converts computer graphics video and kramsr It reclocks and equalizes one of two selectable The accepts either a balanced or unbalanced stereo audio signal and The unit provides level and equalization controls for signals that It reclocks and equalizes one of two selectable input signals and distributes Individual R, G, and B skew adjustments correct video delay errors in analog and twisted pair The T transmitter converts a composite video signal into a fiber The PT VN takes one input, provides correct buffering and isolation and distributes Stereo headphone on a 6.


The outputs two composite video and one s-Video color The TPod converts computer graphics, audio, and RS It controls audio components, video components and other room facilities such as lights The L provides controls to compensate for signal loss inherent in long cable The TP HD takes a twisted pair input and distributes it to The MX is a high-performance 2-channel stereo audio mixer for line level and mic level audio signals.

Fiber optic ST connector. When used in conjunction with the PT twisted pair transmitter or other compatible Kramer The VA gp61xl inputs four channels of any combination of kramet Up to m ft. The PT Hxl reclocks and equalizes the signal enabling multiple units to be cascaded. The stored IR commands can be uploaded later to multiple room. The device can display up to six inputs in any combination and output the image It converts the input signals