The KKS system is a classification system for the complete power plant and its components and provides a common language for the designer. MEDUPI POWER STATION I Doc No-: KKS01 I Rev: 1 KKS CODING AND LABELLING Doc Type: Procedure Page 2 of 26 Contents 1. Purpose. Power Plant Labelling Sytem (KKS Numbering Code) Checklist for Civil Procedure. a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam.

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The same applies to structures in civil engineering work.

Installation Space Code Serial no. Read from left to right no data characters may be omitted. X — Heavy machinery not main machine sets There are also cases of deviations consisting in using the dividing symbol twice, and AN, e. For example maximum of a few direct measured variables: Every control loop and every closed-loop control circuit comprises measuring, control and positioning elements regardless of whether electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic or other items of equipment are used.

Subdivide for this aim the kk elevation into planes: Control and instrumentation equipment which serves more than one main group may be identified under main group Ragging for control and instrumentation, e. Current members of the technical committee are: Installation Unit Code Serial no. EA – Conditioning of signals related to functional control group. According to the standard, the prefix sign can be omitted provided that the identification remains unambiguous.


Structure Code Serial no.

Procedure for Plant Identification(KKS Numbering System)

Checklist for Civil Procedure a helpful checklist when running through a civil procedure exam. The origin of the letters used in it is in German language, namely: The origin and development of KKS Room Identification by Numbering Serial no.

If several process-related systems are situated in one structure we designate this structure according to the main, most important system. Redundant zeros must be written e. Exceptions taggjng junction boxes for main machine sets and heavy machinery, and junction boxes in electrical and control and instrumentation cubicles and cabinets; these are identified on breakdown level 1 according to the associated main machine or heavy machine and cubicle or cabinet respectively.

Contents of Kkss Characters I – 3. The flag points in the direction of fluid flow. D — Control tsgging The allowable notations are fixed. Usually the code is written above the line: They should be established individually for different control and instrumentation concepts. Special structures, ducting structures are designated in main group F1 with coding letter U and in subgroup F3 tzgging following coding letters: In the meantime, the AKS has been adopted as the main system of identification in a number of conventional and nuclear plants.

Equipment unit classification Serial no.

In case of single closed regulation circuits, it is divided into 2 parts: A uniform identification structure, with a maximum of four breakdown levels, was created for all three types; the units referred to becoming smaller from left to right. D — Loop control circuits Data character G as well as data character F0 can be omitted in KKS if the further part of designation will remain complete univocal.


KKS Identification System for Power Plants – Function and Type

E — Conventional fuel supply and residues disposal F — Indirect measuring circuits Equipment unit code consists of 2 letters data characters A1 and A23 digits data characters AN and sometimes 1 letter data character A3 which can be, and often is omitted.

System-related identification is expedient where the supported items are positively assignable to one system. Modern methods of digital systems programming and ability of efficient use of technical documentation require to use the concept of functional group positions A1 and A2 and number of the group positions An – three numerals depending on degree of complexity of automatic analog control system.

The individual breakdown levels are differently formatted.

Requirements to be met by the Identification System Special Rules for Civil Engineering QCG Central chemical supply free for use e. Where signals or measured data are used to limit or suppress the original measured data, the processed output signals retain the code of the original measured data.

Equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2 belongs always to a system identified in breakdown level 1.

Component Code A component designated in breakdown level 3 is a part of equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2.