by: Kamala Markandaya. Nectar in a Sieve is a novel by Kamala Markanday that was first published in Characters. Character List · Rukmani · Nathan. Read Nectar in a Sieve book reviews & author details and more at Kamala Markandaya is absolutely a brilliant story teller, Nectar in a sieve was. Nectar in a Sieve has ratings and reviews. Aditi said: “There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” Leo T.

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Nectar in a Sieve |

This was followed by other fiction markanadya dramatized the Quit India movement inthe clash between East and West and the tragedy that resulted from it, or the problems facing ordinary middle-class Indians—making a living, finding inner peace, coping with modern technology and its effects on the poor.

She markandayw one of her infants die from starvation, her daughter become a prostitute, and her sons leave the land for jobs which she distrusted. The author has made her readers feel nostalgia through the pages of this compelling yet heart touching story of a woman as a little girl, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother and as a friend as she survives her life alongside her husband and children.

Some writers are gifted with language in a way that sings to you. He cheated on her a zillion years ago and I won’t forgive him. Why might the author have used this technique?

Having nowhere to go, they sleep in the temple at night with all the other beggars, and, having no income, perform backbreaking work in a quarry to earn the money to return home. Little is said about Kenny’s own family, except that he has a wife and children whom he refuses to allow to restrict his “come and go” lifestyle. Also, the Indian views and culture was clearly seen through the events that the characters experienced and their thoughts and feelings, and it was wonderful to learn about it.

With each birth, however, the family has a little less to eat. Nothing, because they get screwed every time they start to get some hope back. I had seen the slow, calm beauty of our village wilt in the blast from town, and I grieved no more; so now I accepted the future and Ira’s lot in it, and thrust it from me; only sometimes kakala I was weak, or in sleep while my will lay dormant, I found myself rebellious, protesting, rejecting, and kamals longer calm.


They never get an opportunity to improve their condition, and they are forced to live day-to-day, reacting to each disaster sifve it comes. I also was that much more grateful for my life and for the natural quest in me to do something “else”something differentsomething more.

As for our wants, they are many and unfilled, for who is so rich or compassionate to supply them? Sensitive and loving, Rukmani quickly adapts to life as a poor man’s wife and helps with the work in the rice paddy. But that’s not how i felt. Nathan, Rukmani’s husband is a farmer. Learn More About Nectar in a Sieve print. William Dunlea of Commonwealth described Markandaya’s use of English as “fresh and limpid, only slightly ornate in stylization. From the time she arrives at her husband’s humble mud hut, she knows that life will be more difficult than she imagined.

Nectar in a Sieve

Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Unfortunately as time passes by, Rukmani is left childless as she is expected to give birth to a handful of sons who will finally help in the farming business alongside with her husband.

Traditionally, a woman’s role has been to maintain markanadya home, rear the children, cook, and oversee religious and cultural observances. No one else will lease land to a man as old and ill as Nathan, and Rukmani and Nathan must leave their home of 30 years to live with to their son Murugan in the city.

Rukmani does not want her husband to know that the Western doctor is treating her for infertility. When I recall all the help Kali gave me with my first child, I am ashamed that I ever had such thoughts [that Kali did not understand what it was like to have only a daughter, because Kali had three sons already]: Jan 03, Marquette rated it really liked it.

Grimmest of all is that there are Oh, man, talk about grimsville!! Other changes, however, prove more difficult to accept.

markandayq Known for writing about culture clash between Indian urban and rural societies, Markandaya’s first published novel, Nectar in a Sievewas a bestseller and cited as an American Library Association Notable Book in The story is told in the first person by Rukmani, beginning from her arranged marriage to Nathan at the age of 12 to his death many years later.

Why do you think Markandaya chose it for the title of her novel? Markandaya uses the construction of a modern tannery in the small village to explore the siege of modernity on a way of life that has remained constant for centuries. That female Indian writers today are compared and contrasted with Markandaya is further evidence of her staying power. Which, I am sad to say, I have every reason to believe they are. I thought I had finished my freshman year reading list earlier this year until this work surfaced at a library sale.


Beautiful and touching, Nectar in a Sieve follows a young Rukmani who is married to Nathan, a tenant farmer, when she is only twelve.

Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya – Reading Guide – : Books

She sees him with a mother’s eyes and resents the hurtful comments made by some of the villagers. Nectar in a Sieve is clearly influenced by this event, portraying some of the problems encountered by the Indian people as they dealt with the changing times. What goes through the minds of people who are starving?

She cares for her baby brother Kuti in a maternal way, resorting to prostitution to earn money to feed him. They lose children to death and circumstance.

Nectar in a Sieve Reader’s Guide

Markandaya’s portrayal of life for the rural poor in India may be accurate, but the absence of a single character who rises above his or her bleak prospects tends to eclipse the author’s positive message. So well written, powerful and emotional. Rukmani and Nathan arrive only to find that he has left to take a job with higher wages. Rukmani is the fourth daughter, and although her dowry is small, she has something to offer her future husband.

nectat How do Rukmani and Nathan show their hope? She begins her life with him and finds him to be very kind and loving. Buck’s classic The Good Earth. The dichotomy isn’t played to its strength with narration never taking into the contrasting nature of the changing society as it plays to the protagonists disadvantage, for she loses her sons to the cities’ alluring charms. May 29, booklady rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Ira nurtures him, and when lack of food threatens his life, Ira becomes a prostitute to nfctar money to feed him.