All the characters that appear in Jahanara: Princess of Princesses. Jahanara: Princess of Princesses, India, , Kathryn Lasky, Shah Jahan’s stepmother, Nur Mahal, holds two of Jahanara’s brothers. Experience the sumptuous wealth and the unforgettable drama within the Moghul Dynasty of seventeenth-century India through Newbery Honor- author Kathryn.

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This one’s a bit of a mixed bag.

However, under jahanaea wise and intelligent ruler such as her father, the women are solicited for their opinions on politics, and relied upon heavily for their intelligence and wit. Second was Jahanara’s crush however little explored on an East India Company man. Please try again later. All the political intrigue and family bonding was great, but there were weird problematic plot points that bugged me.

After her recovery, Shah Jahan gave Jahanara rare gems and jewellery and bestowed upon her the revenues of the port of Surat.

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The East India Trading Company’s involvement helped and so did the pendant. During the fall and into the winter, Jahanara is bored with the monotony of the court. Since she is a princess, most people are not allowed to touch her, nor she they. Learn more about Amazon Prime. If your into history and princwss lost opinions then you’ll love reading the royal diaries by Kathryn Lasky. In the s, the Mughal emperors of India were among the greatest rulers of the East.

Are you sure you want to exit? I often wonder how it would be like to live your everyday life as royalty, It has always been a sweet dream for me but after reading this book my thoughts have changed because it can be very evil princessex dangerous in he royal family.


Jahanara: Princess of Princesses

The Moghul Dynasty Family Tree. The interesting part is the family tree that goes by through which we get a glimpse of the Moghul Dynasty.

Jahanara, Princess Of Princesses: I’ll browse the site or choose my avatar. Jahanara receivedashrafis,rupees and an annual grant ofJahanara my favorite has a lot of compassion and really feels for her subjects even more so than her father, Emperor Shah Jahan, Emperor of the world.

They all have an inner purpose that is shown throughout the book. Kathryn Lasky jahanaa a great job describing India and the lavish riches someone in Jahanara’s position enjoyed, but beyond that there was little to no plot. Her step brother Aurangazeb later was known as the most cruel emperor among the Moghul rulers, he threw away his father from throne and imprisoned him he also killed his brother to strengthen his stand as a ruler.

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But Aroungzeb grows to be a constant dark in the light, despite the fact that the story portrays him at ten. I have a test I’ve barely studied for this thursday, a french essay due tomorrow that I still need to proof read, an essay due friday that I still haven’t finished outlining, and I still took time out of my very busy day to read this book from start to finish.

I don’t exactly live in a palace bu I read Jahanara: Jan 15, Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it.

For those who do not know who Jahanara is, she was the oldest daughter of the Indian emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal.

Kiara Advani as Janni Hollywood really needs to cast more Indian actresses in things. Her father was the one who had the Taj Mahal built in all of its extravagance for his true love, Jahanara’s mother.


Jul 12, Jinny rated it really liked it Shelves: Granted, she’s not exposed to many men outside of family or the eunuchs of the court, but the only man in the book she meets, flirts with, and fantasizes about is a white guy?

Jahanara Begum

Following the diary portion of the book are further historical notes, a family tree of the Moghul Dynasty, and pictures of architecture of India, as well as some paintings of the princess and her parents. As de facto Primary Queen of the Mughal princessses, Jahanara was responsible jshanara charitable donations. Shah Jahan did everything he could to stop the planned invasion of Agra. She believe This was my first introduction to the splendor that was India and I have to say it was great!

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Until that day, Maria spends most of her time studying and petitioning the university to let her keep a cat in her dorm. He mistreated and abused the Hindus. Hilariously and heartbreakingly, Jahanara doesn’t even know what “flirting” is. They also played chess, polo and hunted outdoors. I was wondering this myself – trying to picture what time period of the western world in which she lived.

For example, her younger brother was Aroungzeb, the boy who would become one of the most cruel Mogul emperors to be seen. Also Part of This Series. Take a shot when: Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, Mughal Emperor 4.