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When motor move sometimes during eye is off, sometimes we will see “Y” after x.

You honeyweell need change anything on menu. That is one of the open points for the next release. NET in the project to 3.

PE2 is free to use and avail on the connector. Hmm, you’re right about the risks of an external module, but I thought it could be easier to connect a cable to the pin connector but put the module inside. Problem is that your log looks perfect.

Is this a bug or is there anything else to set? A keypad and dial; 3. Is the project state as described on on the wiki page up to date? When somebody will create PCB for wireles “master”, please send me one. Unfortunately I had to recalibrate my bathroom HR20 before I read your posting, so that the error isnt there now.

Hi Jiri, regarding the fondostat version RevI have some questions: Benefit ronfostat that it can be connected outside without open HR Hello Jiri and OpenHR20 Team, first of all, sorry if my comments on HR20 wireless spec were misplaced and sounded inpolite, both wasnt meant so!

When there is need to post server any status from the client, the client will wake up by itself. Jiri, ok, I will do a fix for that in the next release. Sorry but I don’t have better documentation than text specification in SVN now. I could be more than one reason. If you can, send me log file.


OpenHR Firmware for Honeywell Rondostat HR20E –

Honeyqell, thank you for your explanation of the master functionality. Here i see a bootstrap problem: At my home I’ve been controling all my audio and video equipments and also lights per iPhone since one year. I can say now, i will have to make changes in several files. At this evening the error happens again. It is not usable for real live, I must refactor some code and add real functionality.

You can not use it with birary files in SVN, it need recompilation where you change hardware type. Bug is not fixed on main trunk now!!! All this values are not exact and it depend to valve type. Everybody can modify it to this way, but it is lot of work. If not, I would design one and order some PCBs Install the program, chut it, modify the new cfg and restart the program.

The other question was whether the wireless version will use its own stored in the Bedienungsanleitugn It will pull valve position to physical limit every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wireless aplication screenshot false window close detection problem. The problem started only last week and on all of the three hr And maybe someone has a suggestion, which parameters I could touch to improve the hhoneywell.


In my case the valve is closed after three days. The Studio claims about missing files. I will look to this problem later. Problem with share JTAG pins it not programing, but debug.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 –

I too figured out a problem regarding loss of pulses. I am trying to use AVR Studio. So, whats the Default-Mode? I have 5 valves exacly same and only one of them have same broblem. I will describe better current situation: What monitor resolution do you use. I had the honeywelll behind a curtain.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20

Roneostat is hard to read on hudge monitor with high resolution – layout have fix size, unable to use bigger window – About dialog contain information about GPL II license, but where it sources? I changed only the pid-interval to seconds. I would like it much more if at least the year, the month and the day would be stored to eeprom on every change even for the day that means just write accesses per year and the time and Ah needed are negligible.