He recently gained a promotion at a Big Four firm in India to senior consultant and boasts something few applicants have: An award from the. Get Sandy Kriesberg’s advice to make handicapping your odds of to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the. HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg assesses the chances of an MBA applicants who works for Deloitte Consulting & wants to go to Harvard, Wharton.

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I am using that as a proxy for thinking you are more social, more articulate than the average engineer. What they all share in common is the desire to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the world.

What all three of these candidates and more share in common is the desire to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the world. Please add your age and be clear on the sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience. What he has in his favor is an adversity story.

You are a white male who went to Michigan, which is a good place for guys who are smart but not super smart. You should get into Kellogg, Tuck and Ross. For one thing, they got a huge class, so any reputational hit, small to begin with, will be even smaller.


The extras are overrated in many cases. You are on the bubble at harvard. Anderson Dec 30, Read Article. You may have to work with your recommenders.

The piece of advice is if it is no difference to you, take the GMAT. And she wants an MBA degree to move into a strategic leadership role in the high tech space. For this year, I would only apply to HBS.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Ms. Agri-Chemical Compliance

You are a classic Indian male engineer with a couple of plus factors. Log in to stop seeing this registration popup. Just because of the powerful stats, with a equivalent,a perfect quant score, and the patents, I think you would be a walk-in at Kellogg, Tuck and Ross as long as you can convince them you want to go.

And if you just have a short question, he is happy to answer that, too.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

Indian Dec 30, Read Article. His goal is to earn a to—flight MBA, return to Bain in a managerial role, and eventually launch a beverage handicapplng that makes nutritious drinks for rural Indians.

You got a 3. Anderson Dec 30, Read Article.

Handicapping Your MBA Odds

So the quick analysis is that the fact you are a female is good. Adcoms dig that for several reasons. With a computer science degree from Northwestern, she also has felt strongly about promoting the idea of women in tech fields. With mna GMAT and a 3. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in?


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Byrne on January 22, 65 Comments 46, Views. Indian Tech Product Manager by: She is hoping that an MBA will allow her to transition to a consulting role in the nonprofit or public sector.

After getting a on practice GMAT tests, this year-old professional is aiming high. With a GMAT and a 3. With a GMAT but a 3. You have a shot there if you present well and convince them you are really interested in the future of energy.

That begins to smell like business school. Your job at Shell helps a lot. Do they have a chance? A Hedge Fund Analyst by: Indian Dec 30, Read Article. Some of the people at Shell are not used to writing recommendations for top business schools so you may have to let them know that a low pass is saying you are the most talented guy they have seen in the past 20 years.

If you think you can do better than a GRE, then take that exam.