Publisher: Bologna: Zanichelli, Edition/Format: Print book: ItalianView all editions and formats. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews – Be the first. Subjects. Title, Genetica molecolare umana. Author, Jack J. Pasternak. Translated by, A. Suvero. Publisher, Zanichelli, ISBN, , Paperback; Publisher: Zanichelli (Jan. 1 ); Language: Italian; ISBN X; ISBN ; Parcel Dimensions: x x cm.

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Subscribe to the exam. The information content of a polymorphism. Relationship between “depth” and non-sequenced genome fraction.

Neurodisorders for aberrant expansion of triplet microsatellites.

Zanidhelli of classical genetics for the production of animal and plant species of biotechnological interest. Example of calculation of a LOD score in the offspring of second cousins. An extra oral examination can be requested, optionally, by the students. With regard to scientific articles analyzed in the classroom, the students must also demonstrate their ability in genetkca the scientific subject treated, their understanding of the experiments carried out, the results obtained and their interpretation.

Relationship between depth and number of “genetic variations” detectable in a genome.

Genetica Molecolare Umana Pdf To Jpg

The course material will be made available, it is nevertheless strongly recommended the use of specific books for study. The assessment will be done through a final oral exam. Comparison between classical and molecular genetic approaches. La prova ha una durata di 2 ore e 30 minuti. Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici. Mechanism of transposition with and without transposon duplication.

Genetica Molecolare Umana Pdf To Jpg

Telomeric Minisatellitesmulticopy genes zaniche,li RNAs, duplicated genes, pseudogenes, processed pseudogenes. Mandatory and optional polymorphic. Telomerasi e proteine del complesso “shelterin” come possibili bersagli molecolari nelle terapie antitumorali.


Just get an appointment by e-mail: The course will be carried out with the aid of slides. Highly compatibility programs are guaranteed for 3 consecutive years.

PDF for the written exam. Telomeric homeostasis and aging.

Mutation mapping and gene cloning techniques. Genetic analysis of the functional meaning of these interactions and construction of interaction networks. Relationship between number of reads and fraction of the non-sequenced genome.

Examples of application for biotechnological purposes on microbial organisms. Mapping homozygosity traits exploiting the autozygosity mapping.

The example of CYP2D6 in the metabolism of antidepressants and other drugs. This course, aimed at students of an advanced degree in Biology, deals with molecular characterization, organization and umaja of the human nuclear and mitochondrial genome.

Genetica molecolare umana : Andrew P. Read :

Il corso prevede lezioni frontali in cui vengono presentati gli argomenti previsti dal programma. Assessment method The assessment of the knowledge will be carried out by a written exam at the end of the course.

The test has a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The course will be conducted through lectures on specific topics, with the help of power point presentations. Identification of the candidate region by the use of ENU-mutagenized mice. All projected teaching material is made available to students on the e-learning platform as pdf files.

Organization of the human genome: DNA polymorphisms and detection of disease genes. molecolaee


Examples of genes causative for various types of neurological disorders detected by SNP-arrays in micro-interstitial deletions these could be both inherited or de novo. Legal Notes Privacy Access statistics. The course provides a detailed overview of methodologies for monitoring human populations and the environment itself e. Potenziali applicazioni biotecnologiche nel campo della diagnostica e della terapia farmacologica es. Random and site-specific mutagenesis. Skip to main content. Since the most interesting of the applicative aspects obviously regard human health, special attention will be given to developing the molecular aspects of monogenic and complex diseases and basic information on the instability of the human genome mutation and repair and on some currently fast growing sectors such as: Use these links for subscribing and verifying the votes: No laboratories are foreseen for this course.


Checkpoint da danni al Geenetica e malattie genetiche derivate dal loro malfunzionamento es. Analysis of interstitial deletions within the gene of the Duchenne Muscolar Distrophy. Molecolarr program does not change too much yearly, students attending the course past years should update their study to the latest program.

Students who are interested to ask specific questions and elucidation on the program or on the lessons should get an appointment by e-mail: Parallel massive sequencing applied in autozigosity mapping or for autosomal dominant diseases.

Esempi di applicazione a scopi biotecnologici su organismi microbici. Analisi genetica del significato funzionale di tali interazioni e costruzione di networks di interazione. Mutagenicity testing – biomarkers and bioindicators – methods and testing strategies: Strettoistudents are strongly encouraged to contact them. Example of the calculation of the LOD score in two families and use of the LOD score for locating the genomic region associated carrying the disease-gene.