Hello forum. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. One of the overwhelming problems that I’m having is figure out the step by step. Abstract. Design analysis of suspension especially for racecar suspension is very crucial to achieve maximum performance and handling. Suspension design. This article deals with design of Formula SAE Suspension by considering various loads and their simulation on each component of the system.

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Prior art, read on suspension design in RCVD for example. Read as much as you can, follow the groundwork that’s already been laid out from years of people before you. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. Some function and associated specifications can be derived from the Desigj 3. All the fitting is already done and all the equations of the model written down -Write a simple code for the Four Wheel model that is able to calculate the slip angle for a given radius and steering angle, you will have to make assumptions about the slip angle at the rear.

About your topic it had been discussed quite alot, But I’m going to share what I got anyway. The next thing that desin obvious is the teams that have a good car design, and the cars that dialed in one very in particular if you watch it.


User Name Remember Me? After this iteration, how can these ideas you’ve formed achieve your high level goals?

The suspension permits control of the vehicle direction. You can’t wait to perfect your knowledge and analysis–you’d never design anything!

Secondly; There is a “Find” button at the utility bar up at the right just beside the “New” button, So try to search for your topic if it had been discused before so as to save time and effort.

So to choose a tire you need a car, and to make a car you need to choose a tire. Benn, Sorry, My previous post susppension all about kinematics I remember watching a video where Mr.

I basically don’t know where to start there is so much information. OptimumLap would be a good place to start as it will give you a decent idea of what really affects laptime on one of these cars.

Suspension Design Step by Step Process

They have Formula SAE cars and course already modeled into the software. Thirldy; If you want to start your design process, Then start by visualizing a 3D model of any type of suspension you want Willingness to compromise is key to coming up a with a good design, nothing will be perfect. Read and understand about the bicycle model, the understand the behaviour of the model and the tire. You won’t be able to be sure about the results unless you have tire data! It should be very helpful too.


Be patient enough; The whole process might take up to a month of hard suspfnsion.

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Then, build, race, win. Vehicles without suspension have won, and they can be fast, as long as the proper adjustments are left open for balance. First; I want to tell you a tiny little thing Thanks for the information!

As in any design problem there are some step you should take before jumping into the details. One thing that desin be noticed is actually how bumpy the track is. Claude Rouelle who is a famous FSAE judge and president of one of the leading companies in vehicle dynamics softwares “OptimumG” saying that if you know the forces acting on your tire contact patch then you will be able to choose a suspension template.

I really like one quote or an OptimumG motto that says “Knowledge shared; Is knowledge squared”. Hello Benn, First warm greetings and afterward; I’m a beginner too so don’t take this as an desifn talk Sorry for any typing mistakes. Remember that the tires are drsign only contact you have between the sprung mass and the ground.