UK Faerie Tale The town records have it listed as Erl King Hill – ‘Hill of the Elf King’. To the locals it is known simply as the old Kessler Place. A great ramshackle. Feist, author of the popular Magician fantasy trilogy, turns to the horror genre in Faerie Tale. Raymond E. Feist, Author Doubleday Books $ (p) ISBN. A contemporary novel of masterful horror replete with magic, fantasy, and more than a little stylish sensuality.”—The Washington Post.

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Een Boosaardig Sprookje in Dutch. Open Preview See a Problem?

Faerie Tale

At times i thought I mistakenly started over on a page, because whole chunks of story are rehashed with very little variation. It was this book that inspired me to adopt my “Amadan na Briona” handle.

Feist’s “Riftwar Saga”, and was I ever super-glad I did! Backed by an extensive promo campaign, Feist leaps from epic fantasy the Riftwar trilogy to the dark fantastic with a robust and engrossing tale of Irish folk critters on the loose in rural N.

My own problems, however, were threefold; first, I really don’t like fantasy and it’s my firm belief that this will be my last book to fit into that category.

I also question WTF was going on when this cover was illustrated. The twins are stalked by “”The Bad Thing””–a pint-sized goblinesque being that “”shudders in dark anticipation”” of causing pain–while Gabble, who’s romancing fejst boy Jack Cole, finds her carnality inflamed by muscular mythic blacksmith Wayland Smith and then violated in a near-rape by the legendary Puck himself.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is some magic, some shocking moments and the odd bit of engaging tension but all is very much drowned out by a writer who may well be able to craft brilliant fantasy but seems to have very little gift when it comes to setting something engagingly within the real world.

I question why my parents just left lying around what is obiously some sort of weird monkey insect pedophilia fetish book. But it was raymoond and disturbingly written.

It’s been on my “to read” shelf for a really long time and I’m not sure why it took me so long to get around to reading it.

Faerie Tale (Literature) – TV Tropes

Mar 02, Lisa rated it really ceist it Recommends it for: Those who love Celtic myth and Shakespeare will recognize magical elements of The Fool, elf-shot, Trooping Faeires, and more. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Raymond E Feist has built an impressive catalog, and even been likened to a modern day Tolkein. Try it as a bedtime story.

Faerie Tale | The Official Raymond E. Feist Website

It’s a great story of dark faeries interacting with the modern world that predates the current crop of crappy “urban fantasies. They only change their routine by making their two sons stay near the house. Faerie Tale first edition cover. Fans of Dan Brown. I didn’t like what he did with the mother character at all; she was not very well rounded, almost an afterthought in a lot of tape.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone who really loves urban fadrie mythic fantasy. Another reviewer mentioned Dan Brown. Ultimately, though, I was disappointed by it. But what the characters experience is anythin Raymond E Feist has built an impressive catalog, and even been likened to a modern day Tolkein. Faerie Tale by Raymond E. I DID like how the family reacted, raymondd was a good concern for their daughter. I also found the father character to be a bit of a Mary-Sue, and the teenage daughter character to be unrealistic.



One thing I really loved about the book was its theme. It’s my favorite genre, but is much better served by authors such as Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Emma Bull, and others of that ilk. This book appears to have been the first and was easily the worst as the female character is actually described as WANTING it to take place for a portion of the rape. This is probably a four and a half as I was a bit disappointed at the end Some points for readers of a delicate disposition: The story takes place in modern day but manages to wind in lots of ancient faerie mythology.

Nov 24, Elizabeth rated it it was ok.

This is a darker version of faerie, alongside a more normal world, if that makes sense. And I am no brave enough as a reader to venture further in such a risky business, even if it may get better after a while.