Era medianoche en Bhopal has ratings and reviews. Abhijit said: I usually like historical books, but this one tried to be too storytelling. Era media noche en Bhopal. 2 likes. Book. Era media noche en Bhopal. Privacy · Terms. About. Era media noche en Bhopal. Book. 2 people like this topic . Buy Era medianoche en Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre, Javier Moro (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Published by Planeta first published The tragedy that struck Bhopal has dis I grew up reading about Bhopal gas tragedy in my textbooks and have always wanted to know more about it. Were there mistakes in plant design, manufacturing, operations or fra This is one of those books where I knew how it was going to end and yet wanted to read it all the way through.

It was well-written and factual, with enough of the science and engineering explanation that I’d hoped for, and not an excess of over-sentimentality regarding to the human tragedy. The author has dug deep into the background of the characters of the story bringing in information about their personal lives, their affiliation with UC and has managed to include every small detail in the story.

Este libro narra la emocionante aventura humana y tecnol Doce y cinco de la noche del 2 al 3 de diciembre de In bhopap, a massive leak o This is a nonfiction er that reads byopal a fast paced novel. Paperbackpages.

Reading this book sent a shiver down my spine and yet I was absolutely glued to it. Refresh and try again. Want to Read saving…. The reason such books are important is because they make sure that humanity learns from the mistakes and does what is moral and ethical. The real tragedy here is seeing what a low price everyone seems to put on human life if said humans aren’t in a developed country. The last third of the book, detailing the actual event, would make a great science fiction film, if it wasn’t so poignantly and pitifully real.

Era medianoche en Bhopal

This book is worth a buy. Cindy rated it it was ok Nov 12, How do you transfer responsibilities of such a plant to a new management? This book takes us from very start and of factory and gives blow by blow account of how it came to pass that for a company who boasted openly about its extraordinary standards of safety ended up having such mdianoche huge catastrophe on its hands.


There are no major villains in the story — yet the whole thing is villainy itself.

I forgot at times that the book was about a tragedy. To ask other readers questions about Era medianoche en Bhopalplease sign up. I will not go in the details of the disaster as I am afraid that I won’t be able to do justice with my words. This is a very interesting book, highlighting a culture a lot of Americans might not be familiar with, along with a detailed history of what is currently mediwnoche world’s greatest industrial disaster.

Causa treinta mil muertos y quinientos mil heridos. Don’t read this book. What does it really mean to manufacture and store a deadly, colorless, odorless gas in the middle of a big city? Clearly, I didn’t read this for the sake of feeling medoanoche and fuzzy but I don’t regret it in the slightest.

At the age of thirteen, he travelled to America with his father who was a diplomat Consul General of France. And when you step out, you start thinking what if this air had MIC, what if this place was contaminated by few of the deadliest gases and how human negligence can inflict such a disaster.

Rahul Singh rated it it was ok Aug 09, Shanila rated it it was ok Dec 09, The authors spent three years living in Bhopal, researching this project, and the book medianodhe the lives of many people closely associated with the Carbide project since its inception.

Books by Dominique Lapierre.

Detail on what caused the disaster – there is never just one cause. However that is nit-picking really – the events are built up in great detail and it bhopzl a complex story. He has really trying to give this tragedy a human touch by doing that. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian award in the Republic Day honours list.

Detailed description of the massive tragedy.

Sunil Mathur rated it it was ok Jan 13, But mostly it made me want to visit ‘The City of Begums’. Era erq en Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre. Ultimately the pull and hold that Union Carbide had on its employees and the whole regaion is concerning – the authors explain very well how poor the region was and how UC was originally seen as a savior – at least until mexianoche began poisoning the water around Bopal.


Era medianoche en Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre (4 star ratings)

This multinational start a huge plant in India, overestimating the Indian market. I felt a little put off by the fact that every character had to be introduced with his or her religion, but I can also understand the importance of religious diversity in India so I could kind of under I loved the way the book was written through the eyes of local people.

Story of a justice that has not been, and perhaps never will be, delivered. Unless… … you want to be heartbroken with every line you read, cause you are painfully aware of how it all ends … you want to be despondent wishing every page of this book is untrue and fictional … you want to be choked with every smile you come across, every spark of hopefulness … you want to feel helpless thinking about yourself caught in that place at that time … you want to seethe with anger when you confront the callous apathy of the politicians … yo Don’t read this book.

Not many people know the basic details and only thing that is clear is that lots of people dies as a result of an easily avoidable tragedy. But let me say that it is a tough book to read, because you know that most of the characters you are reading about will die a horrific death by the end of it. Warren Anderson is responsible for Bhopal Gas disaster in and we are the silent spectators.

At 5 past midnight of 03 rd of december there was a lethal gas leak from the pesticide plant in Bhopal, a very poor city in India, built there many years before, but then closed with very few people taking care of the maintainance. Doce y cinco de la noche del 2 al 3 de diciembre de We need to understand the sequence of events, what was learned and how to prevent a recurrence This book does all these things well. Bhopal was sitting on an atom bomb.

He developed interests in travelling, writing and cars.