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Buy DIN EN () Electricity Metering Equipment (a.c.) – Part 1: General Requirements, Tests And Test Conditions – Metering Equipment (class. BS EN Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). General requirements, tests and test conditions. Metering equipment (class indexes. Find the most up-to-date version of CEI EN at Engineering

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An optimum pulse transmission 6 is achieved when, under test conditions, the receiving head is aligned with its optical axis on the optical pulse output. The application of the surge immunity test voltage shall not produce a change in the register more than x units and the test output shall not produce a signal equivalent to more than x units.

The 3-layer, connection-oriented HDLC based communication profile. The values of Ist, Imin, Itr, In, and Imax have to be chosen so, that the following relationships are met: Dr The operation indicator, if fitted, shall be visible from the front.

For the terminal block and terminal cover of such a meter, reinforced insulation is sufficient.

Every numerical element of an electronic display shall be able to show all the numbers from “zero” to “nine”. Electricity metering equipment a. NOTE 2 Where the number of ampere-turns would lead to a number of turns other than a whole number, the product of the 550470-1 of turns of the windings by the value of the reference current may differ from that of the sample meter s representative of the type. It is advisable to choose the next number immediately above or below in order to have whole numbers of turns.

EN 50470-1:2006

I max where x m Un is the critical change value in kWh units; is the number of measuring elements; is the reference voltage in volts; 7.

It also applies wn operation indicator s and test output s. The clearance between the terminal cover, if made of metal, and the upper surface of the screws when screwed down to the maximum applicable conductor fitted shall be not less than the relevant values indicated in Table 4 and Table 5.


In the case of modifications to the meter made after the type test and affecting only part of the meter, it will be sufficient to perform limited tests on 50740-1 characteristics that may be affected by the modifications.

The appearance and, in particular, the legibility of markings shall not be altered. It is subject to change without notice and shall not be referred to as a European Standard.

EN – Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) — Part 1: General req –

NOTE For meters for special use in corrosive atmospheres, additional requirements shall be fixed in the purchase contract e. In this subclause, the expression “all the terminals” means the whole set of terminals of the current circuits, voltage circuits and, if any, auxiliary circuits having a reference voltage over 40 V.

For electromechanical registers, register markings shall be indelible and easily readable. After the test, the meter shall show no damage, nor change of the information and shall operate correctly in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standard.

Dr The insulation materials shall comply with the appropriate requirements of EN Plastic and ebonite ISO It also applies to operation indicator s and test output s. Inductive voltage transformers IEC Testing and measurement techniques — Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields Electricity metering equipment a.

Tests — Test Db and guidance: In the case of an electronic register the corresponding non-volatile memory shall have a minimum retention time of four months. Stationary use at weatherprotected locations IEC Dr If the instrument transformers are taken into account in the meter constant, the transformer ratio s shall be e.

Testing and measurement techniques — Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests IEC General terms relating to measurements — Part If contact discharge is not applicable because no metallic parts are outside, then apply air discharge with a 15 kV test voltage. When the terminal arrangements differ, all the dielectric strength tests shall be carried out for each arrangement.


The maximum pulse frequency shall not exceed 2,5 kHz. 54070-1 2 Values higher than 4 h should be subject of purchase contract. Objects cannot be created from editing field codes.

During the test 50740-1 a current circuit, the terminals of the other circuits shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between one of the terminals of the current circuit and earth. Testing and measurement techniques — Power frequency magnetic field immunity test IEC Terminals with different potentials, which are grouped close together, shall be protected against accidental short-circuiting.

The other end of the voltage circuit shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between the terminal of the current circuit and earth. It comprises one or more magnets and their adjusting devices [IEC3.

EN – European Standards

Dr — — — meter in operating condition: Tests — Test Fc: All parts, which are subject to corrosion under enn working conditions shall be protected effectively. Tests — Test Ea and guidance: The active tariff rate shall be indicated. The components shall be reliably fastened and secured against loosening. The impulse voltage shall be applied between all the electric circuits and earth. NOTE The type is represented by the sample meter s intended for the type tests, whose characteristics reference current and reference voltage are chosen from the values given in the tables proposed by the manufacturer.