In book: Contribuciones de la ciencia al manejo costero integrado de la Bahía de Chetumal y su área de influencia, Publisher: Universidad de. (µg/g) en tejido óseo de Trichechus manatus en Bahía de Chetumal, .. una prioridad para el estudio de los impactos de la contaminación. Chetumali-öböl (Bahía de Chetumal) Quintana Roo fővárosa, az öböl névadója, Chetumal, amelynek szomszédságában torkollik az öbölbe az országhatáron.

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The injector temperature was ” C. Heavy metals in the mussel Mytilus californianus Conrad of the west coast contxminacion Baja California, Mexico. Acute toxicity and risk assessment of three commercial detergents using the polychaete Capitella sp.

Different reproductive strategies may help B. Skip to main content. Our members Our publisher members Our sponsors Our volunteers. Twenty grams of silica gel were sluny-packed in methylene Table 1. Journal Homepage Journal Title: Mean lethal contaminqcion LC50 of two detergents in Nereis oligalina Polychaeta. Polydora and related genera Polychaeta: The spatial distribution of hydrocarbons in the Bay is different than that for pesticides Figs.



It is connected to the Caribbean Sea through a shallow 19 krn opening. Seguir a este autor.

There are freshwater inputs from the Rio Hondo and Laguna Guerrero. Approximately 2 cm of sodium sulfate and about 1 cm of activated granular copper were added evenly over the silica gel to remove humidity and sulfur.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Cadmium and mercury in the mussel Mytilus californianus Conrad of the west coast of Baja California, Mexico. Distribution and sources of organic contaminants.

Chetumali-öböl – Wikipédia

The compounds were identified and quantified using standards from Ultra Scientific. Nuevas citas sobre este autor.

Las diferencias en estrategias reproductivas probablemente ayudan a que B. The median concentration of total pesticides, 6. Mar Poll Bull 26 Prionospio Polychaeta, Spionidae from the Grand Caribbean Region, with the descriptions of five new species and a key to species recorded in the area VH Delgado-Blas Zootaxa 1, The concentrations of chlorinated compounds seem to be low, as recent sediments compared with other regions in Mexico and the northern Gulf of Mexico; however, there is evidence that some of these compounds affect the structure of the benthic community Salazar-Silva The cnetumal concentrations of total DDTs 1.


Malacoceros longiseta, a new species of Spionidae Annelida: Dasycladaceae in a polluted coastal lagoon Chetumal Bay, Mexico. Hydrocarbon and Organochlorine Residue Concentrations in Sediments from. The lowest concentrations were cgetumal in stations 12 for pesticides 2.

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Mean lethal concentration LC50 of biodegradable household detergents in Laeonereis cherumal Polychaeta.

Estudio de la contaminación por Hg, Pb, Cd y Zn en la bahía de Chetumal, Quintana Roo, México

The highest concentrations, for all hydrocarbon fractions, were observed in station 17, at the northeast of the Bay. Lock N Ransboundary protected areas between Mexico and Belize. Bay of Chetumal, Mexico E.

The concentrations of low molecular weight PAHs those with two and three nngs; 0. The median concentration bxhia total hydrocarbons found here