The AI’s pretty sharp in Civ3, so proceed with caution and try to come up with the right strategy for the situation. Use this FAQ as a guide. Fourth: I mentioned. When I click on the manual, Microsoft Edge (the default pdf file opener says Looks like the manual link is still not working and Civilization 3 is. Meet the Civ3 Civs · Screenshots · Civilization 3 FAQ · Developer Updates · Civ III Press · Conquests · C3C Features · Meet the C3C Civs · C3C Screenshots.

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Culture Generated – Shows how much manuak the Wonder generates per turn. If would be funny to see that one of your more under developed brother Middle Age saw your shuttle going away to alpha centuri.

Sid Meier’s Civilization III – Walkthrough

Workers are good for almost nothing if your civilization is wrapped up in a death match, because the lack of Zones of Control means that enemy units can sneak into your territory and press-gang your workers. I am unsure if I lose the shield or item if I build my city on it.

If you want a fair fight, play on Regent. The Pyramids 4 The only ancient era GW what will stand through the ages of history. And I was on my way of killing China. Pottery Bronze Working Personality Aggression: I built only cities and discovered on advances on my own. The Diplomatic Victory A.

Want something bent to your will? Of course, this is a pretty risky strategy at the least. In viv3, it can be accomplished without too much of a hitch; simply build all of your major Culture producers throughout the game in the same place.

Workers are used to build improvements on land. The manual says the Persians are militaristic; this is an error they are Scientific and Industrious. I think the notices can be set to stay until you click them, but I’m not sure how since my game maanual it set that way as default.


Mnual, what more can you ask for panzer This is in spite of building other cities. Following, I present some ideas on just how to make money work for you: Define the terms the machine will use to create its world, stuff like Cities for Forbidden Palace and spacing at startup. They all come from my own experience and maybe not true to your mqnual style — Some civilizations do get angry very angry when you conquer one city ci3 cultural means.

Odds and Ends With me going to industrial age three times with France, not once did I get coal despite the fact I have a huge empire consisted mainly of mountains msnual hills. Alphabet Bronze Working Personality Aggression: You should note that the army functions as a whole one bigass unit.

I set up one mutual protection pact with the Germans, and that got me into a war, but I never attacked, only defended, and as soon as I was able to, I signed a peace treaty with the attacking country.

Don’t forget to send more units over from the first island. You mention that war is extremely ineffective, but I have to disagree, especially since I notice your military strategy is only in theory a good one.


Can only be built in a coastal city, where each tile already producing Commerce produces one extra. This is completely self-explanatory. Commercial civilizations can build embassies before the others, because they start with writing.

When your UN wonder is almost complete a turn awaycontact all the leaders from all of your opposing civs. After a while, the whole map will be visible to you. Even though I consider myself a veteran of Civ3 by now, I still managed to read through all of your works. So as you gain more cities, you can support a larger army, which in turn allows you to make ever-stronger assaults against greater ranges of territory, even going so far as to allow you to effectively wage a two- or three-front war without serious risk to your population.


The main drawback is the amount of time needed for this. What I did was a sort of schoolyard bully tactic: Its a nice result and makes fully developed desert squares have 2 food and 1 shield thus making late development after railroad of desert cities quite viable.

This fact should be publicized.

Civ III No access to manual :: Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Complete General Discussions

Keep your eye on the diplomatic tap every 5 or 6 turns or so. In Civ3, there are six resources that exist for the sole purpose of enhancing production. Your name or email address: Personally, I think the stuff feels like latex, but some people really like it. Nor did they make your people Amish.

Militaristic civilizations can build archers from day 1 because they start with warrior code. Though its effect is a bit weak, it can guanrantee the growth of all your cities early on.

For example, if you are the Germans, you have more chance of starting near the English than the Aztecs. This should appear in both the advisor and main screen right click options. I do have one question. Building more settlers now and start a colonizing race with your neibhors you want to secure a big base for your empire.

If the group is attacked, the defensive unit will provide defensive fire. Some of the statistics are outdated, as cgannon said, but the main text is actually pretty helpful for newcomers.