Center Axis Relock (CAR), a system, not just a platform, may be the next significant step in this never-ending evolution of Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics. Center axis relock is a versatile shooting system which provides a stable firing platform for multiple scenarios and it greatly aids in weapon. C.A.R. (Center Axis Relock) is more than a grip, stance or range application. Created by Paul Castle, C.A.R. is a complete, integrated combat.

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I am a CAR Instructor and have been trained and shown all kinds of techniques. Also the disadvantage that is stated in this article is not applicable due to the fact with the CAR system you can shoot left or right handed. For you car guys, I have a question: Trying to evaluate this system from an internet video on something that took Paul Castle 20 years to create and research to perfection just blows my mind.

In a gunfight, the winner is the one manusl aligns the sights over the target first. The slightly modified grip for the High position becomes comfortable with a little training. The goal is to improve the hit rate. At least not one that was readily apparent to me. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


Center Axis Relock

Practitioner to Shoot Ambidextrously; 5. The Modern Isosceles stance facilitates faster movement in this kind of situation giving you better reaction time. International Friends in S. Ceenter that strike a humanoid target along the sides of the body have the most peculiar way of just plain doing more damage!

But what do I do with my thumb? A fast reaction is necessary and anything that improves your reaction time is a good thing. I think of it as a long range prescion style.

As most self-defense scenarios take place either at short ranges or in confined spaces, the methods he developed for professionals also serve private individuals and concealed-carriers. His point is, if you point to something, your hand is tilted about a natural 45 degrees. First, a few videos, so you’ll all know what I’m yakking about: Center Axis Relock [C. It was designed to meet the needs of LE and military operators. The extended position is the intended firing position for accuracy.


It got my attention. I, also, know better than to limit myself to using only a two-handed hold. Center Axis Relock has been around for several years but is starting to make a comeback.


You may have cenrer with this in your own shooting; I know I have. At least I believe we still allowed to have an opinion, what it NSA???? The trouble comes when someone merely threatens to use a weapon and allows the perp to get close enough to get the weapon away from them.

This would work well in clearing a house. I see only one advantage to using this presentation: Reloads were something else that didn’t work well for me. Under threat, or when severely startled, the brain automatically forces both eyes to open wide. June 14th, relocm, Help support your Meetup Chip in.

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

All Guns Are Always Loaded! However, I think it’s unwise to dismiss something outright just because it’s different, or strange looking.

I also like it for contact-distance encounters with a single attacker because it provides good weapon retention and the ability to quickly place multiple shots on target. There are two Center Axis Relock primary positions: