Obra-prima do escritor frances Boris Vian, A espuma dos dias faz uso de imagens poeticas e surreais para apresentar um universo absurdo. Trata-se da historia. This film is based on a novel written by the famous French writer Boris Vian, who was a jazz music passionate and also a singer. See more». Resenha: A Espuma dos dias, de Boris Vian.

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Thanks for letting me know that. The adult world is little more than a distant blur, so indistinct and remote that it just disappears beyond the horizon of their leightheartedness.

L’Écume des jours

So, Chapman plays with titles and names throughout the book, yet, his narrative style is very good. She was at least fifty-nine years old.

Which is true, if the reader is willing to ignore the occasional jarring notes that leave a trail of bloody, dismembered, tranmpled by elephants, crushed by falling roofs, etc. Doe and try again.

He soon meets Chloe and, before they know it, they’re dancing to Duke Ellington and plunging headfirst into a romance.

For those unfamiliar with Vian and curious, this should prove a savory morsel However, her recovery is short-lived, and she faints during a shopping trip and her coughing fits return. Set in a charmingly surreal Paris, wealthy bachelor Colin spends his time developing his pianocktail a cocktail-making piano and devouring otherworldly dishes prepared by his trusty chef Nicolas.

One line from the text I particularly admire may serve as a good litmus test: I’ve stared at some of these passages till I was cross-eyed and I still don’t understand how he manages it, but it works; I believe everything he says. In keeping with the hyperbole of the book in general, respectable adulthood isn’t just a chore — it’s the apocalypse.


Luís C.’s review of A Espuma dos Dias

Call it if you want an existentialist love story, or a horrible surreal comedy, a continuation of the principle that started in antiquity ‘carpe diem’passed through the pen of Robert Herrick ‘gather ye rosebuds while ye may’ and landed in France, there to be reconciled with the negation of God, the leftist sympathies and the passion for jazz among the intellectuals frequenting the cafes down Boulevard Saint Germain des Pres.

Great actors too,very well assorted. Et le nuage les enveloppa. Adolescents will recognize themselves in this initiatory journey that leads to adulthood, to its responsibilities and to its dramas in the face of the cruelty of existence.

Mar 08, Duke Ellington, the famous racing driver! Espumq all 10 comments. Let us put ourselves in the context of the time. What irony of fate for the one who wanted so much to stand out! A series of interviews featuring linguist, philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky done in hand-drawn animation. You know what reading this book is like? Open Preview See a Problem? It’s effective espumma so many levels that reading it is more than a pleasant pastime — it’s like an initiation into Vian’s way of responding to reality.

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Da leggere e rileggere, senza indugi. Feb 09, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: Throughout the novel, there are references to various works by Sartre, but like the philosopher’s name, Boris Vian played with words to make borks titles for “works” by Heartre.


L’Écume des jours by Boris Vian

Foam of the Daze: Colin arruina-se e vai ter de trabalhar. And every time I said something to her, she answered “So do I”, and vice versa I just question his choices of names and titles, when they are doos stated in the original French text by Vian. E tante altre stravaganze che si susseguono proseguendo le pagine.

Now, with time, the strangeness of the situations has assumed a dreamlike dimension and the varnish of rebellion has peeled off in favor of a poignant story of love and friendship. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. Ultimately, Colin’s actions and fate at the end of the novel demonstrate that cancer not only devastates the life of the patient — it also does the same to the lives of the people surrounding him or her.

The promise of beauty and the warning of ugliness, both of them to be found within the pages of his modern fairytale.

It is a testament to the power of the novel that I, for one, cried at that ending. View all 8 comments.