Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd: Libretto (An Opera in Two Acts) [Benjamin Britten, E.M. Forster, Eric Crozier, Herman Melville] on *FREE* shipping. Sheet Music – £ – Libretto to Billy Budd, an opera in two acts, for soli, choir, and orchestra. Libretto by E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, adapted from the story. BENJAMIN BRITTEN’S sixth opera, ‘Billy Budd’, with libretto by. E. M. Forster and Eric Crozier, was presented for the first time at the Royal Opera House, Covent.

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We’ll blow her from the water. He took them ear-rings of mine.

Billy Budd (opera) – Wikipedia

There’s a man on board who’s dangerous. O heave away, heave! No, he likes me. O God preserve us from the Nore! Billy is still unable to speak, but Claggart takes his side and sends Squeak to the brig. The hoisting crews run swiftly off stage. You’d be safe with me. Why not buy the whole Album? It’s death or victory! He crept and offered them at dead of night To a young novice. Bring the powder and charges.


I know how fun ends. It has become part of the repertory of the New York Metropolitan Opera. Solo bass gudd Claggart Sir John Tomlinson. Years later, Vere reflects on the grace he was shown by Billy, despite failing to save him. I saw wickedness and its merited punishment. Donald, I don’t mind. That were torment to keen. We’ll try a shot.

VERE Make sail, all sail! I’m not so easily deceived. Tell this man to his face what you have already told me. We require your assistance. Claggart ascend to the quarter-deck, cap in hand.

That off that fancy neckerchief! They want all the world to be slaves.

Opera Profile: Britten’s “Billy Budd”

In the two-act version, Dansker simply tells the others Vere’s nickname, “Starry Vere,” and this is enough for the impulsive Billy to swear his loyalty to the unseen captain. It falls back He’s dead.

You take care, I’ve me eye on you. Claggart enters slowly along the main-deck.


Nel prologo il capitano, assalito dai dubbi, medita sul suo passato. It not his trial, it is mine, mine. Alan Opie baritone – Mr Redburn. He listens with satisfaction to the men singing below decks. After a brief confrontation with a French ship where they lose them due to a thick mist, Claggart again tries to convince Vere of the danger Billy represents.

Can’t see your face, and dark, is isn’t libretyo You need a taste of the cat.

Archived from the original on 17 January And handsome is a handsome did it, too.