and cover your head before studying the contents Asa Dee Vaar (From SGGS Page line 17 to Asa di Var English Translation kar aasan ditho chaa-o. balihaaree gur aapnay di-uhaarhee sad vaar. A hundred times a day, I am a sacrifice to my Guru; ijin mwxs qy dyvqy kIey krq n lwgIvwr ]1] (, A wsw, m ∞. Asa di VaarAsa-di-varmeans A ballad of hope; it is one of the basic Asa di Vaar: Complete Gurmukhi text with English Transliteration and Translation.

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Preparing the field of the body, he plants the Seed of the Creator. Great is His greatness, as He understands all our affections.

He may issue whatever commands he wishes, but he shall have to take to the narrow path hereafter. In ego meanimg are ignorant, and in ego they are wise.

He who owns our soul, and our meanig breath of life — why should we forget that Lord and Master from our minds? They tax the cows and the Brahmins, but the cow-dung they apply to their kitchen will not save them. A few are given below:. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: O Nanak, only one thing is of any asz Behold — what justice is this?

Sexual desire, the chief advisor, is summoned and consulted; they all sit together and contemplate their plans. Wonderful is fire, which works wonders. In cow-dung and wood there are worms. Those who dance and dance and laugh, shall weep on their ultimate departure.


They are abandoned in the field, says Nanak, and they have a hundred masters to please. Dh ur karam jinaa ka-o t u Dh paa-i-aa t aa t inee kh asam Dh i-aa-i-aa. O Nanak, both of his actions are false; he obtains no place in the Court of the Lord.

Those who are subject to birth and death are totally false.

The Lord binds us in bondage — so do we spin around. O Nanak, all these things are false. He enjoins all to their tasks. But he dies, and the sacred thread falls away, and the soul departs without it.

The impurity of the ears is to listen to the slander of others. True are Your actions, vaar all Your deliberations. One who lives in the wilderness, in cemetaries and cremation grounds.

Asa di Vaar-The Sikh Prayers – Introduction – Gateway to Sikhism Foundation

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So throw the dice in such a way, that axa shall not lose with your Lord and Master. Since one is mdaning destined to remain in this world anyway, why should he ruin himself in pride? Ego is a deep-rooted disease, but in it lies its own cure as well.

Taking the Naam, the Name of the Lord, you shall swim across. Hundreds of thousands and millions call You True.


Asa di Var

Those who serve are content. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. Coming into contact with the meanig human body, the food becomes so impure that is is spat upon. So that our self-assertiveness should be replaced by self-surrender. How can woman be outside the spiritual court, she who gives birth to the geniuses of this world? Your Name is the Holiest of the Holy.

Views Read Edit View history. Everyone makes the attempt, but that alone happens which the Creator Neaning does. Truth Is The Name. O Nanak, the hunger of the devotees is to praise You; the True Name is their only support.

> Asa di Var English Translation

The religious teacher instructs his disciples to distinguish good from bad, true from false. They eat the meat of the goats, killed after the Muslim prayers are read over them. There is no sacred thread for the sexual organ, and no thread for woman. Beholding His wonders, I am wonder-struck.

The fools call themselves spiritual scholars, and by their clever tricks, they love to gather wealth.