Get Bauplan essential facts. View Videos or join the Bauplan discussion. Add Bauplan to your topic list or share. Bauplan at Anno is a city-building and economy simulation game. For game help about things like the production line, building order, combat, check out the Anno /r/anno – Previous Anno title set in the year

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The 4 Town Centers located at the edges are only used to keep the population happy while you place the Monument. After that, Emergency and Information buildings fell almost flawlessly into place.

If not, you may place and destroy them after use, or if you’re not playing with refundable building costs, you may want to consider strategic depot placements.

The second Financial Center is optional. After you get your first MEDIUM ISLAND at merchantsyou will obviously relocate your goat and woolen garments production on that island; OR, if bajplan is a medium island with hemp and apple on it, you can relocate your cider and linen garment productions on that island.

Anno Online Building Layouts

This symmetrical layout providing your city some avenues is planned to give you extra space for houses from demolishing after the monument is built and fully functional. Try avoiding ascension to Executives on the outer sides, since the houses will devolve after removing the Financial centers.

Here is mine for 5 Agriculture, 4 Electronics and 3 Energy https: So, this time i am going to give you two of my recommended layouts, each having its own usage along the game.

The field of animal evolutionary developmental biology ‘Evo Devo’which studies the genetics of morphology in detail, is rapidly expanding [11] with many of the developmental genetic cascades, particularly in the fruit fly Drosophilacatalogued in considerable detail.



You will need a lot of them in a very small place. Additionally, with the exception of the top and bottom roads for the houses they feed the “border” road is unnecessary and can be left off if terrain interferes, or to allow a more seemless integration into production buildings built right up to the houses which I do frequently.

Based on island size you will most likely have depots already positioned to allow road construction for areas not covered by the original town centers. Please help by improving the article. Also, to see if it will fit on an island, the left and right city centers are exactly 10 houses apart and will completely cover the post-monument city’s width.

Fills most medium-sized islands. After that, with exception of the thermal power stations, it should be easy. All laboratories and academies run at maximum efficiency.

Vaguely resembling a Fan or Propeller, I usually start with the either the left or right blade and completely max out the that city center’s capacity. Easy to expand by simply adding more laboratory units in either direction. I have tested this design and the early stage variation in play to confirm it is capable of doing what I say. After that, I move counterclockwise.

For technical help check out the official Ubisoft Forums. Assuming you use the same number of Thermal Generators this design will support 12 more houses than Holce’s Clover Design. It is the sixth game in the Anno series. A set of morphological features common to members of a phylum of animals. The further the distance the less satisfaction and heat they generate.

You should start building a city center block, reserve space for the central block and add as soon as possible the second city center block.


The more you wait, the better you are rewarded. The layout can fit in a medium island and unlock all Eco building. I don’t have a full layout completed yet, but you should get the general idea on how and where this layout should be placed.

I will give you my example if the layout placement:.

After messing around for hours I managed to set this one up in 10 or so minutes, very easy to build only useful for achievement http: They bwuplan to prefere the four security blocks to the Leisure Centure.

Depot locations are just suggested here so that the outside road is complete.

Destroy the roads removed from the Phase 2 layout. It adds a security block in between two laboratory blocks. Baupln this is such a big city, it has far more population than you’ll need to unlock all the buildings for a certain tier, so manual growth control is recommended.

Tech Housing Layouts | Anno Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Almost anywhere on the outer perimeter will be in range. Final stats after upgrade: Eco version Tycoon version. All houses in this layout receive complete emergency services, and like the Clover Colony MKII layout, the Information buildings cover all but 4 of the buildings.

An aesthetic city, made in bauplwn parts. Demolishing and it’s results in houses are shown in blue numbers on the layout along with the comment “DEL” in the appropriate building names.