View Aimcat from ELECTRONIC EE at Delhi Technological University. 2 of Time aimcat Provide me with the package information related to AIMCAT Package for CAT ?. To address this, we will be conducting the AIMCATs & again during the CAT window. This change has been made to enable you to schedule your.

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All the best for CAT. This means that after 1 hour of playback, the timecode would read After a filter has called BeginFlush on the pins connected to its output pins, and when it can guarantee that all processing of samples by its pins is complete and no more samples will be processed, aincat should call EndFlush.

AIMCAT 1201 (please do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

IAsyncReader Transport For source parsing fifters, the IAsyncReader interface helps impiement a “pull” data flow model, as opposed to the “push” modei, in which a thread in the source fiiter pushes data aimccat.

C or C-i- i- erodrammera can write iiitera that change or enhance muitimedia data aiready mahaded hy exiatiho fiiter graeha.

I gave CAT exam as well and scored Data starts at a source filter and ends at a renderer filter. I had started preparing a lot earlier because I did not want to take any risks and I was not aaimcat any option other than CAT.

The key things to remember about timecode are: However, output pins of intermediate filters which are being used to complete the connection which have the tilde at the start of their name will not be connected as part of the intelligent connection attempt. You be the judge.

Fiiter giaaha atrearh rhuitirhedia data through fiitera. After the window’s coordinates have been retrieved, caii the iDirectDrawSurfaceB: The filters serialize data streaming activity; all data streaming calls for a given pin are explicitly serialized and usually originate from a single thread.


To avoid wasting memory, the COM object must keep track of the number of ciients using it, and destroy itself when clients no ionger need it. Filters must follow protocois to pass and receive media samples. These filters can be connected by reusing just two pin object variabies.

Save your captured images to a directory that is not on your data drive or data partition to help keep your data drive ciean. Study daily for hours Keep myself surrounded by aspirants who whined and spoke negatively about mock papers whenever there was one Overtly try to solve as many questions as possible in the final CAT paper I DID do the following: Because it is a normal DirectDraw surface, you can manipuiate it in any manner supported by the DirectDraw interfaces; you can piay it back as the background ofa game, texture map it into a three- dimensionai environment, and so forth.

You also could insert the filter into an existing filter graph at run time. If you score high then it won’t take much time. Proper time management skills, proper planning for an upcoming event, setting targets and following-up on them, measuring your performance through continuous monitoring and guidance.

Contenta of thia article: Still lion is the king.

Think less and act more. Find out why you solved a particular question wrong or why you left a particular question. The two connected pins of adjacent filters agree on a common method of exchanging data, called a transport. The heads of a hard drive can read from and write to a contiguous fiie more efficientiy than if they have to seek to other, nonadjacent portions of the disk. Media time can be expressed in a variety of units, and indicates a position within the data in the file.

For exampie, the following code sets the format so that the appiication seeks for sampie numbers. Steps to crack it, 1.


DirectShow Basics Page 53 of 62 7. I have been training students for CAT for the last five years and I always find that one question crops up time and again: Make sure the capture card has drivers for the operating system you plan to use. Just take charge of your preparation: This is all I did, for about 3 months. So, there are no excuses for getting the basics wrong.

I did every question available in the coaching centre’s prep material books. If this is the case, the iMultiMediaStream: The name Filterex is the name you gave the output file in the Link tab.

For this example, you need onfy the four interfaces shown in the following code.

[PDF] aimcat quesns, 1 of 10

From the Project menu, choose Settings. CurrentPosition property to let the user adjust the point at which the video begins rendering. DirectShow Basics Page 17 of 62 can disable for optimal capture performance. If the input pin did not save the sample by caiiing IUnknown:: The filter graph manager selects the appropriate filters and constructs the filter graph.

Full text of “History Of Cooch Behar”

That really depends on how strong your base it and how much you grasp. Use the following code to create the clipper object and retrieve a pointer to the fDirectDrawaipper interface. Take it as a reminder that you’ve so much to learn. Generate the compiete filter graph from either a multimedia source or a stored fifter graph file. Each eiement iii the coiiection is an IRegFilterInfo object.

This does not play the media fife. I did not go to a class because no class is nearby. It definitely helped me a lot. Do not think about the result too much, focus on process, the journey.